Aluminum Screen with 230 Yellow Mesh - 20x24in


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Ryonet provides high quality aluminum pre-stretched screens in various sizes and mesh counts. All aluminum frames are extruded from the highest grade aluminum and hand welded right here in the USA, ensuring a strong structure and durable life.

Best Mesh for the Job:

The 230 mesh screens are great for high-end fine detail printing. A 230 mesh can hold halftones very well and also lets a little more ink through then a 305 mesh. The yellow color prevents light from reflecting through the threads of the mesh and keeps a sharper image when burning.
Size: 20 x 24 in.

Material: Aluminum Frame.

Mesh: 230.

Color: Yellow Mesh.

Printable Area: < 14 x 18 in.

Scoop Coater Size: 16 in.

Max Squeegee Size:
15 in.

Made in the USA

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