Ryonet RXP Aluminum UV Screen Exposure Unit - 25x36in with Compression Lid

Ryonet's 25" x 36" Aluminum Automated UV Exposure Unit with aluminum compression lid is designed to work as easily and effectively as a vacuum exposure unit for less then a third of the cost. Our design incorporates a high quality welded aluminum extrusion box into this incredibly robust and powerful exposure unit, giving you crisp images with a professional efficiency. The built-in automatic timer and automatic shut-off helps to prevent over-exposing and gives you the ability to multi-task, while Ryonet's unique aluminum compression lid creates the same positive contact pressure that a vacuum unit creates. Don't compromise quality for cost with Ryonet's UV Exposure Unit.

Includes Bonus DVD: Ryonet Seminar Series: Screen Room



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  • Exposes all types of photo emulsion, works best with dual cure emulsion
  • Quality sturdy construction
  • Exposes up to a 23" x 31" OD frame
  • Optically clear tempered glass top
  • Built in analog timer accurate to the second
  • 3 year warranty against defective components
  • Includes 3" foam insert

Tech Specs:
  • 8 unfiltered high UV 30 watt spectrum blacklight lamps
  • 240 watts of power
  • 25" x 36" exposing area
  • All electrical components are UL listed
  • 115 volt (standard household current)


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