Green Galaxy Black Matter Plastisol Ink - 5 Gallon

$199.99 $229.99   13% Off   $40/gal

$199.99 $229.99   13% Off   $40/gal





"Watch out! This ink is so fast and dark you just might get lost in it.” Green Galaxy’s Black Matter plastisol ink prints with the ease and softness of a water based ink, giving you a print soft enough to trick even the most dangerous of space creatures. Made with triple blending technology, Green Galaxy Black Matter is more stable in hot and cold printing conditions and doesn’t need as much prep work or mixing as traditional plastisol inks. Take your own small step with Black Matter and get the perfect blend between these two worlds of screen printing ink
General Information:

Black Matter is a high performance / soft hand plastisol ink. Due to its creamy nature and soft hand Black Matter has a thin body and should be printed through a higher mesh. This makes it optional for a fashion hand or feel and for printing high detail work such as simulated process.

Mesh Guidelines:

Black Matter can be used with mesh between 230-305 (can be used through lower mesh but not recommended).

Stencil/Emulsion Guidelines:

Use with a standard plastisol or hybrid emulsion.

Mixing Info:

Ready to use, right out of the bucket. Black Matter may be reduced with a curable reducer but there is really no need as it is so creamy already. Black Matter is compatible with most plastisol additives. Always test mixing ratios and washability before going into production.

Printing Instructions:

Black Matter can be pulled or pushed manually. We recommend flooding the screen prior to printing. Ensure that you have proper off contact of between 1/16” and 1/8" to allow ink to properly transfer to the substrate. Be careful not to use too much presser or too low of mesh during printing as you could lose detail or muddy your print due to the thinness of the ink.


Flashing Instructions:

Black Matter is a fast flashing ink. Flashing typically occurs at 220°F. Test for flashing; ink should be dry to touch. Be careful not to over flash as this may cause fusing issues with over printed ink.

Curing instructions:

325°F through the entire ink. Test dryer temperatures before a production run. Wash test printed product prior to beginning production run.

Clean Up Instructions:

Use plastisol screen wash such as Ryo Plastisol Screen Wash or Enviro Wipe . You can also use plastisol ink degradents in a wet clean up environment such as Enviro Wash or Citra-Paste . We do not recommend the use of mineral spirits sparingly, as it may break down screen adhesive.


Storage info:

Store in the original closed packaging at temperatures between 45°F and 100°F. Higher or lower temperatures may change the viscosity of the product. Keep container tightly closed.


General Safety Precautions:

Keep away from heat/sparks/open flame. Do not breathe vapors. Wear protective gloves. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using product. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Dispose of in accordance with local, regional, national and international regulations as specified.

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