CorelDRAW DVD for Screen Printers


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Earn $4.99/ea in Member Rewards » View details.
CorelDRAW for screen printers DVD is must have CorelDRAW training tool for apparel decorators. Whether you are a new or experienced CorelDRAW user, this comprehensive library of CorelDRAW training video tutorials provides step-by-step training on basic to advanced techniques in CorelDRAW X6. Taught by industry experts, CorelDRAW for screen printers will take you beyond the basics to learn relevant graphic design techniques to produce better graphics in less time.

*NOTE: To view the disc on your computer you must use VLC player
*NOTE: To view the disc on your computer you must use VLC player

What you'll learn in CorelDRAW for Screen Printers
  • Arranging Quickly arrange and compose graphics to speedy the design process in CorelDRAW.
  • Bitmap Color Mask - Quickly remove the ‘white’ background from a bitmap graphic.
  • Blend Tool - Create color and object blends with CorelDRAW’s blend tool.
  • Contours - CorelDRAW’s countour tool is great for creating effects and contour cut lines.
  • Corners - Easily add corner effects to objects
  • Creating Multi-page projects - CorelDRAW supports multi-page layouts. Use this tool to organize your work.
  • Cutout Lab - Quickly remove unwanted elements from a digital image.
  • Dimension Tool - Easily size your graphics with CorelDRAW’s dimension tool.
  • Envelope - Create easy text effects with the envelope tool.
  • Eye Dropper - Recolor graphics the easy way.
  • Four Color Process - Setting up color profiles for Four Color Process and Four Color Process Separations and Output.
  • Group, Ungroup, and Combine - Basic tools for working with vector designs in CorelDRAW
  • Guidelines - Speed layout and composition with guidelines
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Save time with keyboard shortcuts. Program your own favorite or custom shortcuts.
  • Locking Design Elements - Control graphic editing by locking design elements to your work space.
  • Mesh Fills - Create dynamic color effects with the mesh fill tool
  • Node Editing - The most basic tools for editing vector elements in CorelDRAW
  • Page Layout  - Create and save custom page layouts and templates to speed workflow and accuracy.
  • Password Protecting PDF files - Protect your graphic proofs and proposals by password protecting your PDF documents.
  • Power Clipping - Create high-end effects with CorelDRAW’s power clipping function
  • Power Trace - Logo clean up made easy. Use power trace to automatically convert bitmap graphics into vector objects.
  • Preparing Graphics for Printing Color Separations - Watch the entire workflow for preparing vector designs for screen printing output using CorelDRAW. Including: Printing color separations, flash bases, spot color conversion and more.
  • Smart Fill - Powerful tool to prepare art work for editing.
  • Working with Text - The basics of working with text in CorelDRAW
  • Text on a path - Create quick effects and text stylings using CorelDRAW’s tex to path functions.
  • View Modes - View your graphic is several ways to ensure accuracy and production readiness.
  • What the Font? - Quickly identify fonts using What the Font?
  • Working with outlines - Create special effects and manage outlines in CorelDRAW
  • BONUS CorelDRAW Special Effects
  • Origami - Popular logo and graphics design styling.
  • Pop Art - Convert bitmap graphics into vector pop art style designs.
  • Interlocking Objects - Popular collegiate design effect

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