DIY PRINT SHOP® Original T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit

The DIY Print Shop™ Original T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit will bring all your T-Shirt ideas to life and can turn fun into profit. Whether you’re a beginning screen printer, starting a small business, or simply screen printing for fun, the DIY Print Shop™ Original T-Shirt Kit is Made To Make It™ happen.

The user-friendly DIY Print Shop™ Original T-Shirt Kit is equipped with all of the essential ultra-premium tools needed to make high-quality screen prints. The T-Shirt Kit includes: a rock-solid screen printing press, engineered to handle loads of T-Shirts; an instructional DVD, designed to teach you how to print like a pro; eco-friendly ink, formulated to create crisp screen prints; eco-friendly cleaners, developed to make cleanup easy and safe; and a perfectly sized squeegee, to push ink smoothly across the durable pre-stretched screen. In addition, our knowledgeable support team is always standing by to answer any questions you may have.

DIY Print Shop REVIEW:

I did a lot of print making in college and wanted to get my own setup at home. The arm works great. The ink is incredible. I had previously used Speedball inks and they would constantly clog the screen. I also would constantly have to reapply Speedball inks to the screen. I do not have that problem with the Pitch Black ink. The ink is incredible and I am totally sold on continuing to use that. The screen is good as well. The frame has not warped on me yet. The emulsion remover works very well and the sponges are great.


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Your DIY T-Shirt Kit is jamm-packed with all of this superb Do It Yourself awesomeness

  • DIY Starter Press with 14x14 in. platen for DIY screen printing your t-shirts.
  • Wood Screen 16x20 in. 156 Mesh for printing your image.
  • UV Bulb for exposing your screen.
  • A 10 in. 70 durometer squeegee.

  • S 11 in. Scoop Coater.

  • Roll of 2 in. x 15 yd. screen tape for taping your screen.
  • CCI WBP Emulsion pint for screen creation.
  • Light safe bulb for darkroom environment.
  • A 8 oz. Green Galaxy Pitch Black water based ink for printing on shirts.
  • A 8 oz. Sgreen Degreaser for cleaning screens.
  • A 8 oz. Sgreen Emulsion Stripper.

  • A 2 oz. Pallet adhesive for tacking your shirt in place.
  • One Red scrub pad for cleaning your screens.
  • Four pairs of disposable latex gloves for print clean up.
  • A pack of 10 Ultimate cleanup cards.

  • Two sheets of 16 x 24 in. parchment paper for curing shirts with an iron.
  • A 10 pack of Rite Film WP film .

  • DIY Instructional DVD and manual for easy instructional follow.

DIY Print Shop Signature Blue Press Features & Benefits:
  • Solid steel and aluminum construction.
  • Strong gas shock for stable and steady screen action.
  • Blue powder coat finish.
  • Adjustable screen tilt and off contact control.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The DIY T-Shirt Kit includes all environmentally safe products that can be used in your home or business environment. The DVD and training manual will walk you through how to use these products in your home or business. 

The ink that comes with the DIY T-Shirt Kit is a water based ink. With water based ink you can print on uncoated wood and paper. You can also print on textiles like cotton, 50/50 and canvas with this ink.

DIY Printshop Manual

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