HotRoq Quartz Flash Dryer - 18x24in, 9000 Watt, 50 amp

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The HotRoq Quartz Flash is a fast, energy efficient, safe and affordable way to increase your printing efficiency for the mid-sized and growing screen printing shop. As your platen moves under the flash, the HotRoq’s optical sensor triggers its nine lamp, 9000+ watt, 18 x 24 inch curing zone. Turn it on automatically with the pallet sensor, or trigger the quartz flash manually with the pulse button or tethered foot pedal. Our special quartz bulbs output an optimized medium wavelength which is optimal for flashing plastisol ink. The HotRoq Quartz Flash also does an excellent job of curing water based ink and discharge ink with it’s four integrated forced air fans, designed to circulate hot air on the garment. This airflow also keeps the top of the flash safe and cool by preventing the heat from rising to the top of the flash unit. The HotRoq’s efficiency, safety, and expandable technology makes it the perfect flash dryer for your growing manual or automatic screen printing shop.

  • Quartz flashes use a high wattage heating bulb element that fires up for a few seconds instead of an infrared element that is always on.
  • Turns itself off automatically when it’s done to get the perfect flash every time.
  • Easily control your time and temperature with user-friendly controls that allow you to dial in flash bulb intensity/heat, flash time, and the flash zones in three bulb sections, for lower, middle and chest prints.
  • Useful tethered foot pedal for manual control.

*The HotRoq requires a 50 amp single phase breaker circuit, and can be directly wired by your electrician or comes with an optional quick release power plug. Even though the HotRoq plugs into a higher amperage circuit, it uses less than half the electrical consumption of a comparable 18 x 24 inch Infrared flash because it turns itself off after it’s done flashing.
Which flash is right for you?

Step One: Identify the power source you have available, 120V or 240V - A typical household has a 120V outlet rated at 15 amps. Check with your electrician if you have questions about your power lines and power outlets.

Step Two: Identify the size of your platen - Typical sizes are 14-inch, 16-inch and 20-inch.

Step Three: Choose an element size (hot face) at least 2 inches larger than your platen - This will ensure that you can flash your largest image.

Step Four: Decide how fast you want to flash your print - A higher wattage heater has more power, meaning that it will get hotter and flash faster.

Product Specs:

  • 10.23kW at 220V (47 amps).
  • 11.7kW at 240V (49 amps).
  • Plug type: Optional IP66/67 Rated Plug Set available.

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No Warm Up Time = Faster Production


We needed an update on flash dryers from the two old ones we have and we really like the look and style of the HotRoq Quartz Flash. Having a flash dryer that heats up quickly and won’t burn platens was a must for us! Even though we typically use it mainly on our manual Riley Hopkins 6/4 we also use it on our Roq YOU M P8 to help when we have a large run we need to print fast with a double flash! Our new HotROQ Quartz has helped Midwest Graphix in a couple of ways. One being time. For example being able to walk in the shop first thing and not having to wait for it to warm up. Two, faster production with its easy to use controls, foot pedal and auto detect sensor it makes printing faster.