How To Use CorelDRAW Book - T-shirt Artwork on Corel

T-Shirt Artwork Simplified was the brainchild of years of seminars, consulting, and speaking engagements and created directly from the common questions and problems discussed. T-Shirt Artwork Simplified is a real world approach that will take your artwork to the next level in the never ending competitive business world. With T-Shirt Artwork Simplified artists, printers, beginners and business owners alike can achieve superior art that will help beat the competition.

T-Shirt Artwork Simplified will cover every aspect of the t-shirt artwork process from beginning to end with general overviews, as well as step by step lessons using CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Industry veterans know that both programs are vast and complex, and this book is loaded with time saving tricks and methods that will provide satisfaction for even the most experienced artist.



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What This Book and DVD Covers

  1. Design basics: Learn about general design concepts, choosing fonts, working with color, file formats and tips and tricks for better designs.
  2. Art room equipment: Learn all you need to know about the equipment and software you'll need to create the most efficient and productive art department possible.
  3. Managing the art process: Get information on how to setup, staff and manage a well run art department.
  4. Vector vs raster artwork: Get a better understanding of these two types of artwork. Learn how to create and enhance designs done in both of these formats to get the most out of your work. Use Dane's step-by-step instructions to apply his lessons to your own artwork.
  5. Working with photos: With the new age of digital photography, you can be sure that at some point you will be given a photo by a client and asked to work magic. Use the general tips and tricks outlined here to enhance the photo and get the best print possible for your client.
  6. Separating your artwork for screen printing: Once you complete your design, if you're going to be screen printing there are several concepts that need to be understood in order to achieve the best print possible. Learn about halftone screens, various types of registration and the best ways to separate and print out your separations.
CD With Extras and Download Code Included
  • Tutorial movies that help further explain some of the concepts covered in the book.
  • Layer styles to help you create some of your own intriguing type layouts.
  • Some artwork included to follow along step-by-step with the lessons outlined in the book.

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