IC 743 CMYK Pro-Brite Magenta Plastisol Ink - Gallon

$40 $59.99   33% Off

$40 $59.99   33% Off
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The International Coatings (IC) MP and Pro-Brite Process plastisol inks are recommended for use in four color process. We also have water based process inks by Matsui, which are part of our Enviro inks. Process inks are transparent in nature and meant to mix together for a four color process image not to be printed separately. Pro-Brite Process inks are unique to IC, are a little more opaque than standard process inks and work great on automatic presses. Water Based Process ink is great for the ultimate soft hand on the shirt and is typically thought of as more environmentally friendly. We also recommend having curable reducer on hand during process printing in case one of the colors needs to be slightly adjusted.

Download CMYK Color Profiles for Photoshop and Corel Here

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