IC 7555 UltraMix Scarlet Plastisol Pigment - Gallon

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Let’s face it, at some point a customer will walk through your shop door and request that their job be printed with a specific pantone color. Are you going to stand there and rock your best deer-in-the-headlights gaze? Absolutely not, you’re a professional. Pantone colors allow you to communicate specific colors between designers, artists, corporate clients and decorators. We all know how challenging it is to speak the language of color with varying computer monitors and calibrations. In addition to being able to mix custom pantone ink colors, with Ryonet’s Pigment Color Mixing Kit you can add your color options to specialty inks such as high-density, gels and granites. Perfect for an expanding screen printing shop, the IC Ultramix Color Concentrate mixing kit will give you the flexibility to win any of your clients ink color and special effects needs.

100% cotton or cotton/polyester blends when mixed with appropriate low bleed inks. Recommend the use of an underbase for printing on dark fabrics. Always test print for bleeding or dye migration.


7500 Pigments are not stand alone inks and will not cure/fuse properly and become washed out quickly unless mixed into other ready-for-use inks or appropriate bases. The pigments must be thoroughly mixed into the desired ink or base before using. SQUEEGEE 65-70 Durometer: Sharp Edge CURE TEMPERATURES Cure or fusing temperature is dependent on the ink or base the 7500 Pigments are mixed into. Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed product before and during a production run. For fast and easy curing, take a look at our conveyor and flash dryers.


EnviroWipe or any environmentally friendly plastisol screen wash.

Recommend storage at 65°F to 90°F (18°C to 32°C). Avoid storage in direct sunlight. Keep containers well sealed. Product MSDS You can view and download the MSDS sheet here. General Information The maximum pigment load to any base is 40% per volume. Adding too much of the color pigment to another ink can potentially lead to cracking, poor bleed resistance and change to curing/fusing parameters.

The 7500 Pigments should not be modified with any product. Any adjustments, if needed, should be made after the pigments are mixed into the other inks or bases. Any addition of products other than those recommended for the system can contaminate the system so that it no longer complies with European or some manufacturers’ restricted substance requirements.


To mix standard opacity primary colors, mix 2-parts 7500 CC Mixing Base to 1-part 7500 pigment. To make HD (high density) colors using International Coatings 142 HD Base, a good starting point would be a mix ratio of 5-parts 142 HD Base to 1-part 7500 Pigment. Test first before doing a production run. A good starting point for addition of 7500 Pigment to a finished ink is 15% by weight. Note that adding too much of the pigment to another ink can possibly lead to cracking, poor bleed resistance or change the curing/fusing parameters. Test first before doing a production run.

For Pantone Color Matching

To pantone match you will need the specific pigments needed to achieve the color match. We recommend that you purchase all 15 pigment colors if you wish to pantone match with this system. International Coatings 7500 Series Online Color Mixing Calculator (for pigment color mixing choose 7500 Series Color Concentrate, Coated). You'll also need a base to mix the color into. IC Mix Base Gallon, IC Mix Base 5 Gallon.

Specialty Ink Application

To color HD bases or other specialty bases we recommend that you use the bases below and fix in 3 parts base to 1 part color concentrate, this can be modified to achieve the desired tone. Specialty bases include Granite Base, High Density Base, Shimmers and Gel Gloss.

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