IC LB Crystalina Shimmer Plastisol Ink - 5 Gallon

$449.99   $90/gal

SKU: # IKPL-155LF-5G
$449.99   $90/gal
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IC LB Crystalina Shimmer provides a bright, non-tarnishing metallic sparkle to printed garments.

The inks consist of a fine, shimmering glitter flake in a low bleed clear, low fusion, easy to print base. This is a real plus for hand and automatic printers, when it comes to wear and tear on people and equipment.


Screens must be coated with a plastisol or hybrid emulsion. Post-hardening the stencil is recommended for long print runs. If using with a pigment system, mix in pigment at the desired shade or level. 1-10% is normal for standard pigments and up to 20% for fluorescent pigments. Inks may be thinned with Curable Reducer, if a lower viscosity is required, up to 10% max.


Can be printed wet-on-wet without flash curing or flashed and stacked on top of itself or an under base. Degree of color/wash fastness is dependent on proper curing.


61 Max Mesh due to the particulate in the shimmer.


60-80 Durometer. Can also use 70/90/70 triple durometer squeegees. Typically heavy squeegee pressure is preferred.


Use RXP, HiFi, CryoCoat or any standard plastisol emulsion.

Clean Up

Plastisol screen wash such as Sgreen Supreme or Ryonet Industrial Press Wash.


Recommend storage at 65-90°F. Avoid storage in sunlight and moist, humid air.

Compare to: Clear Shimmer

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