IC Optilux Coupler 100 for Reflective Ink - 8 Ounce

$10 $19.99   50% Off

$10 $19.99   50% Off
IC Optilux Coupler 100 8oz for 505
To obtain the best reflective properties, Optilux™ 505 is recommended for use on open weaved fabrics. Optilux™ can also be used with very good to excellent results on some tightly woven nylon and polyester fabrics. Optilux™ 505 is not a low bleed product and is not recommended for use on bleeding fabrics.

Mixing Instruction:

By weight: 20 grams of ink to 1 gram of Optilux™ 100 Coupler. Pot life of mixed ink is approximately 8 to 12 hours. Do not mix more ink than is needed for the job. Any mixed ink not used within 12 hours should not be used again.

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