Riley Hopkins Aero 6 Color 6 Station Press with MAXIMO Joystick and XY Micro Registration



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The Aero series is absolutely the best value for the price against any competitor. Designed by Riley Hopkins (of Hopkins International fame), these presses are the ultimate high quality, small format 23" screen capacity presses. The advantage to the 6 color press is the ability to have more versatility on dark colored shirts. These presses are completely tool free. Tool free means there are no wrenches, no bolts and no messing around involved to make adjustments between jobs. Most important is that rather than the print heads being left loose to flop around from thread play, bolt clearance and screen leverage, the Aero series presses have a lock up feature, which locks and eliminates any movement. This is a very important detail that gives you the long-term ability to produce quality, scalable work that will hold registration a year down the road.

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