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Spot Process Separation Studio delivers easy to achieve and accurate high-end halftone color separations for textile printers. The leader in Automated Color Separations created the industry's first, most accurate and easiest to use color separation software containing screen print specific features designed by screen-printers for screen printers.

Note: Separation Studio produces gradient separation and requires the use of AccuRIP or other post script software to create halftones for film output.

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Software Features
  • Dynamic under base: an under base, the foundation of all screen-printing on color garments, based on the color dynamics of the original image allowing for smooth color transitions and fades
  • 3 black options: 3 levels of black giving users options with this critical element in color reproduction. These black options are not taken from limited cmyk conversions (an antiquated method), but are built directly from the original RGB
  • Top white: an over-print white, critical in creating secondary and tertiary colors
  • Color enhancement: orange and brown enhancement features for the hard to reach spectral values
  • Color merging: click of the mouse color merging option allowing you to further reduce the already low number of channels
  • Multi-format support: open files (wide variety of popular formats) and Spot Process separates upon opening. Just color edit and output. Work with JPEGs, TIFFs, EPS files, PSD files, RGB and CMYK files just to name a few
  • Direct selection tools (3 marquis shape options): for targeted color adjustments to separated channels. This advanced feature delivers greater control and superior results
  • Saturate and desaturate (droplet and sponge icons): targeted and universal color saturation control to darken or lighten existing channel data
  • Eraser tool (pencil eraser icon): eliminate unwanted channel data quickly and easily. No need to bring separations into an image editing application like Photoshop to make edits

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