Semi-Pro MAX 6 Color 2 Station Screen Printing Kit



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The Semi-Pro Max Screen Printing Kit combines Ryonet's Riley Hopkins JR™ 6 color 2 station press with more supplies and options to provide you a complete multiple color screen printing kit that can crank out some shirts! Ryonet's Riley Hopkins JR™"offers several benefits and advantages over other 6 color screen printing presses on the market and comes standard with a lifetime warranty.

Designed with the aspiring screening printer in mind, the Semi-Pro MAX package provides you with everything you need to print fairly large quantities of 1-6 color t-shirt designs. Taking advantage of the second printing station allows you print and cure shirts at the same time and cuts your production time in 1/2 when compared to a 1 station press. This fairly compact press is also easy to set up, register and can fit into almost any space requirement.

This Kit Includes:

  • Riley Hopkins JR. 6 Color 2 Station Press

  • 16" x 16" 1600 watt Econo Flash
  • RXP 20" x 24" Exposure Unit
  • Upgraded Supply Kit
  • Green Galaxy Water Based Inks
  • Aqua Chem Kit

This Kit Includes:
  • Riley Hopkins JR 6x2 Tabletop Press
  • 6 - 156 mesh, 20x24" pre-stretched aluminum screens.
  • 16x16 Flash Dryer
  • RXP 20x24 Exposure Unit
  • 3 - 12" 70 durometer Squeegees and 3 - 8" 70 durometer Squeegees
  • Screen Printing 101:Beyond the Basics DVD
  • 1 Roll of screen Green Screen Blockout Tape (2"x36 Yd)
  • 6 Water Based Inks - Green Galaxy Water Based Ink. (Quarts of Pitch Black, Comet White, Mars Red, Starburst Yellow, Martian Green and Neptune Blue)
  • 2oz of Green Galaxy Warp Drive Low Cure Additive
  • 16x16 Platen (printing board)
  • 16" Scoop Coater - Used for applying the emulsion to the screen
  • 50 Sheets of Rite Film WP positives (8.5x14")
  • Probond Pallet Adesive - 16oz
  • 6 10" Goop Scoop

  • Aqua Chem Kit:
    • CCI WBP Hybrid Emulsion - Qt
    • Sgreen Aqua Wash Qt - Cleans ink from used screens or press
    • Sgreen Emulsion Stripper Qt - Removes emulsion from screen
    • Green Stuff Dehazer/Degreaser- Qt
    • Ryo Green Hand Cleaner - 8oz
    • Aqua Block WB block-out - 8oz
    • 3 CCI Cleaning Brush
    • 2 Chemical resistant spray head
  • 20 Ultimate Ink Cards - used for cleaning screens
  • 50 Printing Pellons (25 White & 25 Black) and Light Safe Yellow Bulb

Riley Hopkins JR. 6 Color 2 Station Press

  • Durable US Steel Construction
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Standard XY Micro Registration
  • Tilt and Off-Contract Control
  • Heavy Duty Springs
  • Adjustable and Interchangeable Riley Hopkins Platens
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Optional Press Cart

  • Diameter: 90"
  • Platen Height: 12"
  • Platen Size:16"x16" w/ Neck
  • Max Frame Size:23"x31"
  • Base Configuration:Bench Mount
  • Color/ Stations:6 color / 2 station

Ryonet's 16" x 16" Ryo Flash Dryer

A flash dryer is a great way to spot dry ink between colors when printing multi-colored designs. It can also be used to achieve a final ink cure and is much more effective than using a heat gun. We have combined everything we would like in a starter flash dryer with BBC's manufacturing genius and unparalleled support to provide a consistent, affordable and durable flash dryer to our customers just starting to screen print.

16" x 16" 1600 watt infrared element - most flash dryers in this price range use coil elements like you would see in an oven. An infrared element uses a panel with hundreds of wires flowing through it to provide consistent heat throughout the heating area. A coil element only emits heat from one coil so you have very hot spots and very cool spots, which doesn't behoove a constant cure.

Features and Benefits
  • Rotating and adjustable stand
  • Sturdy design with powder coated housing to prevent rust
  • Locking casters
  • Simple design - fewer parts means fewer things to go wrong. The Econo Flash does not have an on/off switch but can easily be plugged into the wall or hooked up to an industrial power strip to turn on and off
  • Easy assembly - yes, there is some assembly required, but with a few bolts you have a flash that is ready to be put to work
  • UL certified components
  • Runs off any 15 amp circuit
  • 1 year warranty - if a one year warranty seems short picture this: the element used in this flash dryer is the same element used it BBC's high end series. These elements have been tried and tested in thousands of shops throughout the world.

20" x 24" Aluminum UV Exposure Unit

Expose fine detail and give yourself the ability to expose half tones.

Features and Benefits
  • 20" x 24" 4 bulb unit includes 4 15 watt special unfiltered UV exposure bulbs
  • 60 watts of exposure power
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum construction
  • Comes with 3" foam and easy to follow instructions to make your own lid
  • 3 year warranty

Screen Printing 101: Beyond The Basics Instructional DVD

Over 5 hours of screen printing lessons and a set of written instructions on how to screen print. Our DVD is taught by our sales staff that has over 100 combined years of screen printing experience. We also offer free technical support with our kits so feel free to call and talk to our staff at any time. Our DVD covers everything from art set up in photoshop, screen set up, advanced printing, clean up and more.

Shipping Note: This package ships in 4-6 different boxes and weighs between 170- 200 lbs. The press, flash, exposure unit and supplies ship from multiple locations and may arrive at different times. The average delivery time in the US is usually 2-6 business days, but due to the demand of the press there may be an additional 2-4 day delay. This package can only ship UPS Ground because of the weight and chemicals.

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