Sprayway Crazy Clean Ink Wipes

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S-983 Sprayway Crazy Clean Wipes make life much easier when screen printing. Tired of dumping ink wash or press wash on rags or paper towels that shred after minimal use? Crazy Clean Wipes are easy to use, smell great and get the job done. Whether you're cleaning the ink off a frame, wiping up your press, cleaning the floor or washing your hands, these wipes work great.

Features and Benefits:
  • Gentle citrus-scented towels.
  • Strong enough to cut through tar, grease, wax, ink, paint, lubricants and adhesives.
  • Waterless cleaner fortified with an emollient and natural oils.
  • The perfect product when you don't have access to soap and water.
  • Quick and easy to use, just wipe and discard
  • With 70 wipes come per container.

2 reviews

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I love these


They work so well at cleaning ink off of my hands before I touch the shirts, I have deemed these wipes a staple in my shop. They also work great on the squeegees and the screens.

Extremely useful!


By far the best item to have in any clean printing environment. Great for wiping off spatulas, ink containers, frames and squeegees. Most importantly they are great for your hands before printing. **quick tip** Instead of throwing the wipes away try putting them in a box and just re-wet them for extended use. Overall these the most economical, most useful supply in my shop and they always make me say.."Thank God for Crazy Clean Wipes"