Riley Pro Plus Complete Screen Printing Shop Package



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If you're looking to get into the screen printing business or expand a small screen printing operation into a full scale production, the Riley Pro Plus Complete Shop Package is right up your alley. It includes everything you would see in any full scale screen printing shop.

This Kit Includes
  • Riley Hopkins® Aero Series 8 color, 4 station printing press
  • RileyCure 6500 watt 8' conveyor dryer
  • 18" x 18" Riley Hopkins infrared flash dryer
  • X-Vactor 25" x 36" vacuum exposure unit
  • KB-32 wash out sink
  • Separation Studio system
  • Ryonet Eco Dunk Tank and solution
  • Aluminum Screen Frame Rack
  • Sgreen Green Chemical Kit

Riley Hopkins Aero Series 8 Color 4 Station Printing Press

The Aero series is absolutely the best value for the price. Designed by Riley Hopkins (of Hopkins International fame) these presses are the ultimate high quality small format 23" screen capacity printers. An 8 color press ultimate versatility on for the number of colors on each shirt. As you start to advance your business, higher more employees and get larger jobs the 8 color ability will be invaluable.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty screen printing press the Aero is what you are looking for. Built by hand, the base is made from sturdy heavy-duty steel welded in a wide square format so minimal give and maximum stability is retained. The center hub is laser cut for a lightweight but durable design. The printing heads are machined from T9 aircraft grade heat treated aluminum. Warning: do not try to push this press around, it will hurt you. It is great for shops with many different employees, you simply do not have to worry about them banging up your press, it is built like a tank. It is simple, very accurate, very strong and built to withstand extreme abuse in the shop all day. Featuring a wall-to-wall 2" center shaft and monstrous low-drag bearings, the new Aero series of printers are very easy to spin for long periods of production.

These presses are actually tool free. For those unfamiliar with the term tool free: this means there are no wrenches, no bolts and no messing around involved to make adjustments between jobs. Most importantly, rather than the print heads being left loose to flop around from thread play, bolt clearance and screen leverage, Aero series presses have a lock up feature, which locks and eliminates any movement. This is a very important difference between your long-term ability to produce quality, saleable work and a great sales job that won't hold registration a year down the road.

These presses feature our joystick registration system; joysticks are absolutely the way to go. As soon as you register your first job with them you'll wonder why you ever put up with micros. If you're not a fan of the joystick registration, standard micro registration can be added to this press. About 90% of our customers prefer joystick registration, but the standard micro registration is available for those looking for it.

Features and Benefits
  • Patented joystick micro registration
  • 4 - 16"x18" aluminum platens
  • Independently rotating heads and print stations
  • Low drag tapered roller bearings
  • Cast and machined 356 aircraft grade aluminum heat treated to T-6 hardness
  • Arrives partially assembled and will fit through standard doors
  • Rotates in a 6-7' work circle
  • 23" screen width capacity

RileyCure 6500 watt 8' Conveyor Dryer

The RileyCure is the most affordable 8 foot dryer on the market today and with an output rating over 200 shirts per hour! The RileyCure features 2 independently controlled 18" x 24" 3050 watt heat elements, a 4 foot tunnel, 24" width belt, adjustable gates for optimal heat retention, belt speed control and a special track free belt. It's high powered, compact and even ships without any additional crate fees.

Product Specs
  • Length: 96"
  • Width: 34"
  • Height: 41"
  • Belt width: 24"
  • Belt height: 30.3"
  • Belt drive: 120V
  • Belt speed: 1-12 fpm
  • Chamber length: 48"
  • 2 heat elements of 3050 watts each
  • Element voltage of 208 or 240
  • Wattage 6500 at 240volt
  • Amps 27
  • Plug is a NEMA L6-30P
  • 3 year warranty

18" x 18" Riley Hopkins Infrared Flash Dryer

Features and Benefits
  • Fully capable of fully curing plastisol ink
  • Adjustable height with rotating capabilities
  • Quality IR panel for overall consistent heat across a 18" x 18" area
  • Comes with wheels for easy use and mobility
  • Plugs into a 20 amp wall outlet
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
  • This flash comes with an on/off switch. Plug and Go.

X-Vactor 25" x 36" Vacuum Exposure Unit

Features and Benefits
  • Extremely flexible and durable rubber vacuum blanket
  • Heavy-duty gas shocks for easy open and close access
  • Adjustable vacuum lid clamps
  • Optically clear extremely strong tempered glass
  • Sturdy T5 extremely strong aluminum construction
  • Oil free vacuum pump is quiet and powerful
  • Includes nylon rope to allow air movement between blanket and frame
  • UL certified electrical components
  • 3 year limited warranty (excludes blanket, glass and bulbs)
  • Made in the USA
  • Assembly instructions and maintenance DVD included
  • Light safe inspection bulbs
  • Overall size: 48"(length) x 32"(width) x 9"(height)

KDL Back Lit Wash Out Sink

Screen prep, image wash out and reclaiming are all key factors to maintain a clean shop. A washout sink is a key tool in your screen shop because it allows you to contain your messes and helps prevent contamination. The back light feature of this booth will also insure crisp image washout and save you from missing the fine details often missed during image washout. The KDXL Back Light Washout Sink measures 36" wide x 24" deep. 

Film Output Supplies and Separation Studio Software

This Kit Includes
  • Epson 1430 Film Output printer
  • AccuRIP software (serial code, no disc)
  • Separation Studio software (serial code, no disc)
  • Educational DVDs - 4 Color Process and Spot Process
  • Rite Film 13" x 19" pack - 100 sheets
  • Epson 1400/ 1430 chip resetter
  • Epson 1400/ 1430 BlackMAX cartridge set
  • Wilflex Epic Spot Color Quarts (Turquoise, Red, Gold, Purple, Green, Gray, Blue)

Ryonet Eco Dunk Tank and Solution

The Ryonet Eco Dunk Tank is a simple, affordable and durable dip tank. The Eco Dunk Tank is made from 100% recycled material and environmentally friendly. This heavy-duty tank is the best built soaking systems made specifically for the purpose of screen reclaiming. Polyethylene is an ideal material for 2-in1 ink/emulsion removers. 

Screen Frame Rack

Now you can store your screens off the floor with one of our aluminum screen frame racks. No more dust, dirt or fibers getting stuck in your emulsion. Our aluminum screen frame rack holds 10 screens and keeps them evenly spaced for maximum airflow for faster drying times. This rack will accommodate 20" x 24" and 23" x 31" screens in wood and aluminum.

Complete Product and Chemical Kit

This Kit Includes
  • Screens
    • 6 - 110 mesh 20" x 24" aluminum screens
    • 4 - 156 mesh 20" x 24" aluminum screens
    • 4 - 230 mesh 20" x 24" aluminum screens
    • 4 - 305 mesh 20" x 24" aluminum screens
  • Inks
    • 2 gallons of Wilflex Epic Lava - Meteor White and Black
    • 11 quarts of RyOpaque ink: Purple, Golden Yellow, Orange, Lime Green, Lemon Yellow, Red, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Teal, Brite Blue and Pink PMS183
    • 4 quarts of CMYK ink: Black, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan
    • 1 quart of Curable Reducer
    • IC UltraMix 7500 Gallon Pantone Color Mixing Kit
  • Supplies
    • Digital non-contact thermometer
    • 15 - ink scoops for easy ink handling
    • 1 - roll of 18" x 100yrd Pallet Protect Tape
    • 8 - 15" squeegees
    • 8 - 12" squeegees
    • 4 - 8" squeegees
    • 4 - 6" squeegees
    • 1 - 16" emulsion scoop coater
    • 500 black test square / printing pellon 14" x 16"
    • 500 white test square / printing pellon 14" x 16"
    • 1 20oz can of screen opener
    • 3 - 2" X 36 yds. blue screen tape
    • 10 pack Ultimate Cleanup Cards
    • 1 light safe yellow bulb
  • CCI Large Textile Chemical Kit
    • 1 gallon RXP Dual Cure Emulsion
    • 1 gallon Ryonet Textile Press Wash
    • 1 quart Envirowash
    • 8 oz. Ryonet Emulsion Remover (concentrate)
    • 1 quart Green Stuff
    • 8 oz. Green Hand Cleaner
    • 1 can Ryonet Spray Mist
    • 1 gallon Spot remover wit spray gun
    • 8 oz. Red Block-Out
    • 3 chemical resistant spray heads
    • 1 chemical resistant spray bottle
    • 3 chemical resistant scrub brushes

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