DIY PRINT SHOP Ultimate 4-Color Screen Printing Press

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$299.99Retail Price

$299.99Retail Price
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Everyone wants more colors, yet not everyone has the budget for high-end multi-color presses. Enter the all-new DIY 4 Color 1 station Starter Press . The DIY 4 Color Starter Press may be small in price but is surely big on design and features with rock solid construction and killer looks. You will not find a comparable press for under $300!

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4 Color Starter Press Highlights:
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Powder coated
  • Up to 23" wide screen capacity
  • 14x14 platen
  • Dimensions: 36" x 17" x 16.5"
  • Weight: 53 lbs

    Looks Great and Easy to Assemble


    I received my press yesterday and put it together in under an hour. I was really impressed, and love its compact size. I won't give it 5 stars because of two things the platen isn't adjustable( I'll add a bracket) and when I went to go print the print arm would bang against the registration gate, since there's no guides so you have to eye it and to make sure it falls right on the registration gate. Over all though for the price its worth it plus I can take it anywhere and it feels very durable. Plus it looks great :)

    Great Press


    This is a very usable tool. How do I order more plattens and brackets for each arm? Great Press!



    Unfortunately the registration is terrible. If you're trying to print with an underbase... good luck. You could get lucky and it may hold for 3-4 prints and then mysteriously it will have moved just enough to where you need to clean the screens and start over. It also likes moving around after the first print, there's no rhyme or reason. Also, even with the additional attachment to slide the board you have limited range of motion. Generally there are much better things out there.



    Perfect Registration is difficult to maintain through a run. I just keep this in mind now when designing artwork.

    <br>The tilt seems to slip a little, so I add spacers on the screen to keep off contact.

    <br>The planteen is to small, cut a bigger one, but keep this one for smaller shirt sizes.

    <br>High quality press that has a few flaws and solving those flaws would drive the price up. I am glad I bought it cause now I know that I want micro reg on every head but I have a good press that I will be able to use for years. My next press will be a 6x4 riley jr.