Allmade Early Adopter Program & Apparel Sample Pack - Large


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The introduction of Allmade blank t-shirts will be gradual to ensure that our quality and production values can be maintained and availability is continuous.

The Allmade Early Adopter program is intended to support the introduction of our product in this way. By becoming an Allmade Early Adopter, you secure your position for access to inventory before it is generally available.

As we scale production, and demand of earlier adopters is fulfilled, we will gradually open up access to inventory to incremental Early Adopters. Once inventory is made available to you you will have equal access to our supply flow along with all prior Early Adopters.

Included in the Early Adopter Program package are a 6-piece sample pack, a marketing pack, and the first full case of shirts once access to inventory is available.

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Included in Early Adopter Program:

  • Secures inventory positioning
  • Case of Allmade shirts (72 count)
  • 6 Large sample shirts (Tri-blend Tee Unisex Crew Blue, Tri-blend Tee Unisex Crew Red, Tri-blend Tee Unisex Crew DD Black, Tri-blend Tee Unisex Crew Green, Tri-blend Tee Unisex Crew Grey, Tri-blend Tee Unisex Crew Navy Blue)

Early adopters will be embraced by Allmade and its founding members, invited to exclusive events and trips, and help provide feedback to our steering committee.

Read More about the Early Adopter program on the blog: Endowing a Founder’s Spirit

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