Ryonet Small UV Screen Exposure Unit - 16x20in

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$169.99 $199.99   15% Off Retail Price

$169.99 $199.99   15% Off Retail Price
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The 16" x 20" table top exposure is a low cost way to step up your screen printing exposure game! With this screen printing exposure unit you are able to burn higher quality and crisper images compared to using a halogen exposure light or the sun.

This table top exposure unit uses unfiltered UV black light which exposes a screen much faster than halogen or photo light. Also by using the foam pad that comes with the unit and about 25 lbs of weight you can create the positive pressure needed to sandwich your film positive and screen mesh to the exposure glass to ensure that fine detail, halftones and crisp edges can be exposed without light working its way around the edge of the image like it would if positive contact was not sufficient.

Product Specs

  • Lightweight laser cut and formed aluminum frame
  • 16” x 20” exposable area (Optimal for 16" x 20” OD Frames, but works up to 20" x 24” OD Frames *note the edge of a larger frame will hang off the end of the exposure unit)
  • 2- 25 watt UV Bulb
  • Push button on/off operation (No Timer)
  • Optically clear glass
  • 6ft 3-prong power cord
  • Comes with EPS foam pad for 16” x 20” screens
  • Capable of exposing half tones on higher mesh screens

Exposure Times

Mesh24 - 3860 - 86110 - 160200 - 230280 - 305
Time5:45 - 6:155:15 - 5:454:15 - 4:453:20 - 3:503:05 - 3:35

3 reviews

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I spent about 3 weeks researching the best exposure unit for fine art prints. I always kept coming back to this unit. Most of our screens are 20x 24 (200 mesh) and we are getting QUALITY exposures. There isn't really anything fancy about the unit but it does the job. Positive contact has made all the difference in our fine detailed prints. For the price, this unit is hard to beat if you're looking for better exposures on your screens. Also recommend the exposure calculator to really dial in your exposure time. Overall, very pleased.

Amazing customer service & Amazing unit...


This isn't specifically a review on the exposure unit but more on the customer service of Ryonet. The unit itself is perfect. Unfortunately the glass came broken. Ryonet was immediate with a response to my issue. Not only did they resolve my issue but Darryl followed up with me directly just to make sure all was well. Amazing customer service- friendly, helpful, & knowledgable. I can't stress enough how refreshing it is to purchase from a company that actually follows through & puts the customer first.

<br>The unit is awesome as well!!! I would highly recommend it to anyone, from just starting out, to professional, or even for someone on a budget. Exposure time is less than 4 minutes using CryoCoat Emulsion. Burns screens perfectly.

Does not expose halftones evenly. Cheap construction and overpriced.

by -

It DOES NOT expose halftones evenly after multiple attempts contrary to the above review. I will be returning this overpriced and poorly designed unit.