As we start the year off many of us are thinking about plans, resolutions, goals and prospects. Looking ahead a few months, February or March (depending on who you talk to), is National Start Your Own Business Month. Heard of it? It’s pretty new to most of us at Ryonet, but we totally love the idea behind it and had to share.

The screen printing industry is full of printers who run their own business or screen printers who are working toward that; it’s an industry of opportunity and always will be. It’s a beautiful thing!!! Something the Ryonet team values so much is being part of the business process for printers… the entrepreneurial side screen printing speaks to our roots!

If you’re considering starting up your business this year, you naturally have no shortage of things to think about. Here’s an interesting article written by Sherese Duncan for Efficio… give it a read here. Of course, there’s no one way to do things, but this article is tasty food for thought. At the very least, we hope you feel inspired to take the leap and run… there’s a whole new year ready for whatever you can dream up!


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