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Something we refer to around Ryonet is the “Y” in Ryonet, which is our twist on saying “the why”… it’s in reference to why we do what we do, why we love what we do and why we think screen printing is way, way, way bigger than us. We’re honored to hear from customers, and learn about how screen printing has made a positive impact out in the wide and wonderful world.

To that point: we recently heard from an awesome teacher named Kathy, she is a new customer and has a pretty sweet reason for getting into screen printing. Here, you should read her story in her words, as she put it best:

Hi there!

I teach 5th grade in the tiny town of Andrew, Iowa. Two years ago we lost our high school which was very difficult. We are now a PK-8th grade school that has become a “Leader in Me” school. It’s a program that uses Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” to develop leadership in all our students and staff. The results have been amazing! I think it has helped us to redefine our identity and grow stronger. Part of the process is that we hold a Leadership Day to share what we’re doing with other schools and our community. Well, I decided it would be cool if all of us had “Leader in Me” t-shirts to wear that day. So, I ordered your basic screen printing kit and managed to score massive quantities of neon t-shirts at Joann fabrics on sale. The husband of a fellow teacher is a graphic designer, so he kindly designed a logo for us. I watched the DVD, read the instructions, enlisted the help of my co-workers, and voila! We managed to screen print 225 t-shirts in about 4 hours and had a blast as well! Everything worked beautifully.

Also, our middle school teams (track, basketball, volleyball, etc.) order team t-shirts every year. My plan is that next year we can produce their shirts in house with the students helping in the design and printing process. They are so excited and so am I! They will feel ownership and we’ll be able to produce them much less expensively.

We are having way too much fun with this! I am so proud when I see our students wearing their neon t-shirts over and over! 

Here’s a video of the Andrew Community School students singing… note that they’re wearing their new shirts:

Thanks, Kathy, for taking the time to share! The entire team at Ryonet salutes you and your fellow teachers… you are clearly devoted your students and are passionate about instilling solid values as well as knowledge. We love that you are putting that starter kit to good use and that your students are learning about screen printing and that it’s a positive addition to your school!!! You and your students are inspiring. Truly!!!

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