An organism, a person, or an organization can only survive if it continues to adapt and pushes itself to grow within the ever changing world it lives. While some choose to wait and just let change happen, others create it by pushing themselves to become stronger; stretching their limits to find new boundaries, and blazing new paths that lead to a better world.

The future is up to us
Looking back on 2016 we have certainly seen a lot of change and we’re not going to stand by and let it happen without affect. We’re pushing forward, stretching the limits, and blazing new paths, and we’re glad you’re joining us. The screen printing industry and garment decoration isn’t old and tired anymore, it’s fresh, full of life, and has never been more exciting.

Before we look forward to 2017, we want to take a moment and peer back to see how far we’ve come in the past year. Not only were we able to add three warehouses in Texas, California, and Georgia, but we started three new classes in Texas, Ohio, and California! Our products are being delivered faster than ever and educational classes are even easier to access throughout the country. We creating a new partnership with an amazing ink manufacturer, Wilflex. From the help of our awesome ROQ customers, growing ROQ Rental Finance Program, and our expanded sales team, Ryonet became the #1 ROQ Distributor in the world! As we have grown our sales and support teams, launched new products, and opened new locations, we’ve seen more opportunities to address screen printer’s challenges than ever before.

What’s happening in 2017?

Goal #1
Our number one priority at Ryonet this year is effectiveness. As we lean out Ryonet, streamline our systems and processes, and build a better business to fulfill your needs, we’d also like to help you run your screen printing operation more effectively. You’ll see new automated solutions this year in all areas: pre-press, darkroom, ink, printing, and even cleanup. Through automation efficiency and education, these new products will help decrease your overhead, increase your quality, help you use consumable supplies more effectively and overall decrease your environmental impact, all while increasing your operating efficiency and margins.

Goal #2
We’re enhancing Ryonet to be THE screen printing supply house. Easier to do business with while offering a wider selection of high quality products than anywhere else. This also means more an enhanced Ryonet Membership alongside an easier to search, more robust website with exciting new ways fulfill your needs!

Goal #3
Next year we want to continue to explore new markets through product development and diversification, as well as increase our customer engagement. In 2017 we are excited to work on brand new product categories as well as expand our product selection within our constantly growing marketplace: Most importantly, we’re excited to continue to connect with you throughout the year at 12 industry trade shows, 100 educational classes, and thousands upon thousands of in-shop visits.

We’re already diving into next year’s swath of change, so here’s to being the best at being better and working smart and hard! That way next year, we can look back on our progress with no regrets, lots of lessons, positive growth, and even stronger than ever.

Thanks for reading,
-Ryan Moor

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