Don’t Let Your Emulsion Get Stranded Out In The Cold  |

We help busy screen printers save money on the supplies they are going to need, ensuring they are able to stay productive even when the freezing weather hits.  

Depending upon where you live, Winter Weather can slow down, if not halt production for your shop.  Shipping carriers can get delayed or stop running routes, water lines can freeze, roads can get icy, it can get gnarly quick.  This is why we are encouraging printers to stock up on emulsion now and supporting them with a Buy-1, Get-1 Half Off, with Promo Code NOFREEZE while supplies last. 

Screen printers have to be mindful that a lot of screen printing supplies have water as a main ingredient or carrier for other chemistry.  With water being more prevalent, these supplies are more likely to freeze once the temps drop. Depending on the emulsion & manufacturer, once it has gotten to the point of freezing, it might not work properly and then needs replacing.

Emulsion is one of those most crucial supplies that needs a bit of extra love to ensure it is effective.  It’s really important you read the storage info and instructions, and then live by these guidelines as the manufacturer recommends.

Screen Printers are super busy, hustlin' hard, growing their businesses each and every day.  The Ryonet team is here to serve the screen printer, and whenever we have a printer that is negatively impacted by weather conditions in shipment, we will take care of that customer and get a replacement shipped out hoping that the weather is more forgiving.  

This is why we are offering a great promotion now, when the weather is great, to help our customers stock up and save on the supplies they are going to need and get ahead of any and all bad weather that is in store this winter.  

Don’t Let Your Emulsion Get Stranded Out In The Cold

Use Promo Code NOFREEZE

Fight the Freeze, Stock Up & Save Now

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