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As a year ends and another begins many of us reflect on what it is and why we spend our lives working towards, chasing, believing, and dreaming. What is the potential of a t-shirt or the power of a print? Is it simply garment, ink, a commodity, or can it’s fiber pull us together, create economy, and bring change to life? I know it is the later, and I know you know it is the later, we see it everyday, we wear it, and we live it. Yes, there are more glamorous and more profitable industries and lines of work, but at Ryonet and Allmade, why we do what we do is bigger than that. Our mission is to power your print, where ever it takes you, and our vision is to make it better with you along the way.

Together is Better

Sometimes it seems easier to go alone, to try new things, explore and we have done our share of that this year. There is one thing however that will always remain true, in order to create a movement, it takes people, business’s, projects working together and when that happens amazing things can happen. Our team has really come together this year, we have started to align in what we do and how we do it, it hasn’t been easy or smooth, but we know together is better. Ryonet, ROQ, ScreenPrinting.com, Allmade, Riley Hopkins, Wilflex, Green Galaxy and the other brands we help build and support don’t stand alone, we stand together and we stand with you that use them. Together we will strengthen and share knowledge, deliver a better product to the market, and move our industry forward.

Bring it Back

Throughout the past few years we have really expanded our footprint moving to multiple warehouse partners (up to 9 at one point in time) throughout the US. Through that however we lost a lot of control and we spread ourselves too thin which hurt your experience. The additional complexity and inability to control every shipment made products ship late or arrive in different shipments or with damage which of course is not quite powering the print is it. We also did away with all of our will call options not allowing for any on-demand pick ups throughout the country and trying to ship out orders for free instead.

Looking back these were definitely not moves that help you out and thus we are working hard to bring it back!

  • Washington Shipping and Will call. We are reopening our Vancouver, Washington HQ for shipping will-call in January! Woo hoo for all of you PNW screen printers, we’re excited to see your inkfingers in the office again!
  • Washington Allmade. Shortly after that we will be bringing in Allmade inventory to Washington in order to will call, ship, and fulfill orders for garments in a more flexible and convenient manner.
  • Atlanta Expansion. Did you know we’ve been operating an ink facility in Atlanta for over a year now? In 2019 we are expanding what we do in Atlanta, first we will ROQ (moving our ROQ inventory and parts to be handled by us in Atlanta), then we will mix (custom pantone mixing and ink pours), and then we will ship (you know what that means ATL!)

Pouring Into You

  • Free Band Membership! What was once $199, is now FREE. Look for new things and more perks coming in 2019 too!
  • Events Near You! Start at the ISS Show in Long Beach Jan 18-20 we will be doing monthly events throughout the country to get closer to you. While we will come to some of the bigger shows in Atlantic City and Texas, most of these events will be more intimate and in customers shops so learn from printers with printers! Overall we look forward to connecting so stay tuned for dates!
  • Overall, we are extremely grateful for you, the screen printer, and our entire team is excited to pour into connecting and following our value and DNA of better serving you! Thanks for the opportunity, the accountability, the road behind and the path ahead!

Make a Better Tomorrow

Speaking of the path ahead, we will be working with you to help create a better industry for tomorrow. Through educational events like ThreadX, ShirtLab, and the Ryonet Screen Print Experience classes to bringing new eco friendly AND printer friendly products to market like green and non cancer causing chemistry, inks, and Allmade eco friendly garments, together, will learn and help create a cleaner, greener, and more prosperous industry.

We hope you have an amazing new year, set big hairy audacious goals, and get ready for a great 2019 #poweringtheprint and beyond!

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