Like many other businesses, time is money in screen printing. One of the best ways to save both time and money in your screen printing business is to streamline your various processes. Your shirt folding process is something that should definitely be both perfected and streamlined. An easy way to do this is using a shirt folder. Check out what your options are below so you have more time to push that squeegee.

Ryonet’s FlipFold T-shirt Folder

One easy way to save time while folding your screen printed t-shirts is to use Ryonet’s FlipFold T-Shirt folder. The shirt folder not only quickly folds your t-shirts to industry standard specs, but it is also an affordable option for streamlining your shirt folding process. Your shirts end up looking professional and streamlined. This flip fold comes in both an adult and junior size option. The adult version folds to 9″ x 12″, while the junior folds to 7″ x 10″. You can even get the adult-sized version of Ryonet’s FlipFold in a two pack!

Folding steps with Ryonet’s Flip Fold

So how do you use Ryonet’s FlipFold? The process is extremely simple.

  1. Place the open shirt folder on an easily accessible table or counter.
  2. Lay the shirt face down onto the FlipFold. The top of the shirt should be touching the top of the t-shirt folder.
  3. Fold the bottom of the shirt up, making sure that the crease is lined up with the bottom of the folder.
  4. Flip the left panel to the center and then back.
  5. Repeat the step above for the right panel and then again for the left panel.
  6. Flip the bottom panel up and then back to its original position.
  7. Your shirt is now folded and ready to be packaged!


The ROQ Fold Automatic T-Shirt Folding Machine

If you are a screen printing shop that produces a large volume of shirts, the ROQ Fold Automatic T-Shirt Folding Machine is a great option for you. This folder doesn’t just fold t-shirts, it is also great for folding sweatshirts, trousers, dresses, and more. This amazing machine can fold up to 800 pieces an hour. It is built to last and requires very little maintenance. One of the best parts about this folder is that it only needs one person to load the machine. Your other employees can focus on actual printing instead of folding the already printed shirts.

The ROQ Fold Automatic T-Shirt Folding Machine can be paired with the ROQ Pack Automatic T-Shirt Packing Machine to further streamline your screen printing process. This machine packs batches of shirts and other garments. When it is paired with the ROQ Fold Automatic T-Shirt Folding Machine, it can pack 700 t-shirts per hour.

The FoldR Automatic T-Shirt Folding Machine

The FoldR Automatic T-Shirt Folding Machine is another great option if  you are looking for a t-shirt folder. This machine can fold and stack up to 500 shirts per hour. Each shirt is folded with the same consistency as the last. The FoldR is a great addition to your shop if you are running automatic presses or if you just simply trying to speed up your workflow.

For more ways to streamline your workflow, check out Automating Your Workflow with the Saati Pro Coat and the Douthitt CTS30 Wax Ink Printer and Should I Consider an Automatic Screen Cleaning System.

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