Getting the Best Film Transparency for Screen Printing

Getting tired of transparencies that are not black and are less dense? Ever dealt with the frustration of the inability to rinse out the stencil because the film was subpar? It might be time for a new film output printer.

Golden Press Studio used to have a CMYK printer, which used four different colors to make black ink. If one of the colors ran out, the printer wouldn't print. The printer also required lots of maintenance. 

The Indiana shop decided it was time for a new printer, so they got the Canon Pro 100 Printer with the AccuRIP Ruby software. Why the Canon Pro? The all-black ink cartridges drew them in. No more needing several colors to make one color. Plus, the cartridges are refillable, so they don't have to continuously purchase cartridges and throwing the old ones. Better on the wallet, better on the environment.

person refilling ink cartridges

To see if there were any differences between the printers, the shop printed off the same design on the same film on both printers. The differences between the printed films were night and day. First, you can see how much darker and blacker the Canon Pro printed compared to the CMYK printer.  

person holding up films

Next was a light test. The team put the films on their exposure unit to see how much light came through the film. Again, the Canon Pro exhibited that it produces darker, denser prints compared to the other printer.

two films on an exposure unit

The last test was burning a screen. On the film printed by the old printer, they drew a sad face with a sharpie. After exposing the screen, they washed out the images and the sad face was the first to emerge.

sad face on coated screen

If transparencies are not completely black, light will shine through the image, which will harden the emulsion behind it. That emulsion is hardening behind the image, meaning it'll be incredibly difficult to wash out and later on, put ink through the screen.

The Canon Pro produces crisp, rich, black transparencies that make clean edges on the stencil. The opaque transparencies will ensure that the stencil washes out completely so you don't have to worry about ink buildup when it's on the press. Overall, printers will save a ton of time and money by speeding up the process with a solid printer like the Canon Pro.

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