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Introducing Our New Screen Print Experience Class Partners

Here at Ryonet, we pride ourselves on educating first. From classes to informational videos to free content, screen printing education is at the top of our minds. One of the biggest hits of our educational offerings is our Screen Print Experience classes. These classes offer hands-on experience in all things screen printing. You will learn everything from creating your design to curing your print. These classes wouldn’t be possible without our amazing class partners. Some of the best screen print shops from around the United States teach the Ryonet Screen Print Experience. Today we would like to introduce you to of our two new class Partners, Calimucho San Pedro and Pacific North Press.

Calimucho San Pedro:

Screen Print Experience Class

Calimucho is located in sunny San Pedro, California. Kevin and Raul met in the late 90’s while participating in Southern California’s “Do it Yourself” punk scene. After quickly becoming good friends, they started playing music and touring the country together.  This led to the pair screen printing t-shirts, record covers, and tour posters together, as a necessity to fuel these tours.  During this time period, friends started to ask Raul and Kevin to print their bands’ shirts and other items.  This was the catalyst that jump-started Calimucho Screen Printing in a 3 story Victorian house in San Pedro, California in 2007.  They printed shirts for local bands, the skateboard community, and local schools, as well as printing at live skateboard and music-related events.  Calimucho became a destination of creation and fun.  

Kevin decided to shake things up and moved to Portland, OR in 2013 and two Calimucho’s began running.  Shortly after relocating to Portland,  Kevin began working for Ryonet and became the lead instructor for the Screen Print Experience classes, a perfect marriage of his screen printing past combined with teaching middle school for 10 years.  

Fast forward to 2017 Kevin moved back to San Pedro to rejoin with Raul. This is where Calimucho stands now, a new physical commercial location, equipment upgrades, and new partners to teach Ryonet’s Screen Print Experience class in San Pedro, Ca.  The future looks bright as their goal is to become automatic in the next year.  

You can sign up for a Screen Print Experience class at Calimucho here

Pacific North Press:

Pacific North Press is located in Portland, Oregon, an urban and electric part of the Pacific Northwest. The print shop formed when two small but formidable Portland print shops found themselves in direct competition with each other. Miguel and Matt had many mutual friends and met them. Day after day they’d be sending quotes out to the same customers and friends. Once they realized that this was the case, they quickly joined forces and formed Pacific North Press. Both Miguel and Matt had a strong desire to print high quality, complex prints and build their respective shops into bigger, automated facilities, so it only made sense to come together to achieve their goals. Miquel and Matt are starting out their second year in this partnership.

The duo truly loves printing. Matt and Miguel enjoy being able to work in an industry of talented artists, interesting businesses, and skilled business folks. Both have spent long hours and late nights making sure their prints were extra perfect while respecting and innovating the craft. Matt and Miguel can’t wait to bring new printers into the fold!

You can sign up for a Screen Print Experience class at Pacific North Press here

If neither of these classes are in your area, check out the rest of our class list here.

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