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ISS LBC 2019 Show Recap

ISS LBC 2019 Show Recap

Ryan’s Big-Takeaways from ISS Long Beach

The California sun came out just in time to kick off another bright ISS show this year in Long Beach. It’s incredible the amount of work and time go into making a show like this happen and this post wouldn’t be right if I didn’t first thank our team who planned it, sponsors (listed below) who helped make it happen, techs and sales crew who set up and worked the massive amount of presses, dryers, and digital machines we had, and the ISS show team who facilitated the another great show and carved out the bright foyer space for Ryonet again this year. With 5 autos, 3 dryers, 3 manuals, 9 heat presses, 2 washers, 3 exposures, 1 DTS, 4 brand new digital machines, and 3 sections of eco friendly living wage Allmade Apparel, there was nothing to miss at the booth this year! Out of all of that we launched 5 game changing new products including the new ROQ Next and Riley 350 screen printing presses, the cutting edge ROQ Now and OmniJet digital printers, and the patented one of a kind Stampinator 480 inline heat press.

How’d it go? Lets just say most of our team is pooped and there are many recovering horse voices from having a ton of amazing conversations and fun with all of you inkslingers! We are incredibly lucky to get to work with most creative, lively, entrepreneurial, and fun group of printers at the show and even funner to hang out after hours at the first annual Allmade Awards and ROQ The Boat parties. We are going amazing places that will create a better product for your customers with a greener (for planet, people, and wallet) future for all!

@ryanmoor out!


A Very Special Thank You to Show Partners

Thank you for continuing to deliver the most innovative solutions for printers today, and pushing the boundaries even further for the technology of tomorrow. The ROQ Now has set a new benchmark in digital garment printing, 2019 is going to be awesome. The ROQ Next is looking to be the new industry standard this year and for the foreseeable future.

It wouldn’t be a tradeshow without our partners at CIT as they continue to provide the best customer experience time and again for Ryonet customers ready to ROQ. We appreciate having you in our booth and the dynamic you bring to helping our customers each day.

Who would have thought short term financing could be such a win for printers? A chance to build credit with short term rates that are second to none, this is going to be a great year for printers to maximize the impact a positive cash flow can have for screen printing supplies and Allmade apparel.

The ongoing support and partnership is appreciated as we kick 2019 into high-gear. Screen Printers can look forward to seeing more beneficial solutions from CCI and Ryonet this year.

If ISS Long Beach was an indication of how important Pre & Post Press Automation has become… its going to be a great year for screen printers. The total solution really takes the needs and concerns of printers into consideration and delivers.

It’s hard not to love how the RIO mixing system continues to deliver industry leading print quality, color fidelity, and cured results at a tradeshow and in all the print shops using RIO.

ISS Long Beach was a great breakout and launch of the Texjet Echo2. The standard DTG along with the Hybrid solution exhibited a great solution for any printer with a Riley Hopkins 300 wanting to increase capability utilizing the best of digital and traditional screen printing.

The Aeolus was a hit for printers looking for a reliable plastisol and water based compatible conveyor dryer.

Super excited to see the ongoing software development of solutions that continue to make a positive impact on printers. Printavo + Merch is Online Store Magic, this is going to be a great year!

The care & craftsmanship that goes into everything you manufacture continues to positively impact printers each and every day. We appreciate your partnership.

The new format at ISS Long Beach exhibited the impact an automated Pre-Press workflow can have on a modern printer. Freeing up valuable resources to focus on other areas of a print shop is the battle cry of 2019 and beyond.

New Products & Features, highlights:

Halftoned: Check out the new magazine from Ryonet

ROQ Now: Combining the tried and true ROQ Oval screen printing foundation found in the largest factories around the world, with the latest in digital inkjet technology, ROQ did not hold back with the ROQ Now. It was obvious from the start of the show that there was something special going on in the ROQ & Ryonet booth. Visitors from all over the globe set out specifically to see this new technology in action, and ROQ delivered. With the ROQ Now, industrial level production capacity is finally possible for a web-to-market solution delivering higher production rates per hour, increased print area size, and operational functionality that is second to none. Offering an in-line pretreatment application & curing solution, a dedicated digital white ink printhead, a dedicated digital color ink printhead, the ROQ Now allows for faster high quality digital garment printing than ever before with no screens required. The future of high quality digital garment printing is here, ROQ Now.

ROQ Next: Printers and ROQers alike were stoked to see the new Next up close and in person at the show this year. Even our techs gave it their overwhelming stamp of enthusiastic approval requesting we sell more of those this year. Why? The ROQ Next combines the chain drive and independant head control of an Eco with the simple wide open format of a You. This creates the Next new line of screen printing presses at a medium price point built to advance the market with maximum speed, efficiency and return on investment. With 20% more prints per hour and easier setup and print sampling even new printers saw the benefit of this new model with several first time auto owners deciding to upgrade to a Next vs starting with a You which is still a great machine! The only question is, will this be your Next press?

Riley Hopkins 350: The development & design team at Ryonet brought a special manual screen printing press to ISS Long Beach this year. With a sturdy, time-tested Riley Hopkins® construction and exclusive compatibility with ROQ's strong but featherweight honeycomb aluminum pallets, the Riley 350 can handle any print job while running at maximum manual screen printing speeds. Features like tool-free off-contact adjustments and XYZ micro registration come standard and allow you to quickly set up and adjust your press with the same ease as any ROQ automatic screen printing press. Future proof, with the production needs of today in mind, the Riley 350 was a sought after release for many attendees at ISS Long Beach this year.

Polyprint: Digital garment decoration continued its successful growth at ISS Long Beach this year. Ryonet announced partnership and distribution of the NEW Polyprint Texjet Echo2 DTG solution and demonstrated two unique solutions. The first being a traditional DTG, printing white and color directly onto dark Allmade tri-blend garments. The advanced RIP solution that comes standard with each printer, enables some of the most cost effective DTG printing available with a fantastic white ink print quality and opacity. The second solution demonstrated at the show was a hybrid setup. Combining the production speed of screen printing with the vast color range of DTG. Effectively only needing to create one screen for no matter how many colors there are in the design. With the Polyprint Echo2, you can print the underbase on your Riley Hopkins 300 screen printing press and the colors on the DTG. The best part is there is NO Pretreatment of the shirt required.

Allmade: Allmade apparel enjoyed its biggest trade show to date getting to know decorators intent to wear their corporate and brand values on their sleeves. Each day, more and more end users are striving to be more mindful of how their consumer choices impact the environment and all the people involved in the supply chain. Brands that are taking social awareness and social responsibility seriously are going to enjoy increased demand and market share as more end users continue to demand a shift in supply. Allmade debuted the new long-sleeve tri-blend with over 50% of the shirt derived from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, 25% of the shirt from Organic Cotton, and 25% from a Sustainable Plant Fiber. Show attendees were amazed at how crazy soft and comfortable Allmade shirts were, while being moved by the story behind the brand of striving to end the economic orphan epidemic existing in Haiti where Allmade partners with the Global Orphan Project at the Life facility in providing a true living wage to the amazing people contributing and crafting each shirt that is a true joy to wear.

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