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New Riley 350

With a sturdy, time-tested Riley Hopkins® construction and exclusive compatibility with ROQ's strong but featherweight honeycomb aluminum pallets, the Riley 350 can handle any print job while running at maximum manual speeds. Features like tool-free off-contact adjustments and XYZ micro registration come standard and allow you to quickly set up and adjust your press with the same ease as any ROQ automatic screen printing press. If Speed, Precision, and Consistency are important for your customer's needs, it's time to get behind the wheel of the Riley 350. The lights are flashing green, hit the gas, it's time to kick your screen printing into high gear.

The Stampinator

With Slant Engineering's stamping technology the patented Stampinator 480 revolutionizes the Screen printing world with its multifunction unit. Flash/ironing (bring you the highest level of print quality),480 transfers an hour (including foil and rhinestones), Stamp Curing on a press, Heat Taping for that finished look and many more applications. With the Stampinator 480 jobs that would usually take weeks can get done in the afternoon. Slant has designed the Stampinator to be a universal so no matter the press it works.

ROQ Next Automatic Press

The newest screen printing machine on the market, ROQprint NEXT, was built with unique features which only exist in high-range ROQprint machines. It's characteristics are responsible for a 20% increase in productivity, featuring XL print models, individual head lifting system & AC driven servo rotation system.

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