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Kick the Can

It’s time to KICK THE CAN (so we don’t) KICK THE BUCKET

When the Ryonet leadership team aligned in establishing Project 376, our mission was to evaluate each new and existing product with the health of our customers & the environment in mind. Screen Printing has a bad-rap for being UNAVOIDABLY Dirty, Messy & Toxic. Cans of Screen Opener was one of the products at the top of the list that we decided was not aligned with our mission. Cans of Screen Opener are loaded with nasty chemicals and then dispersed with aerosol propellant, hence earning the moniker “Cancer in a Can”.

Let’s Kick It!

Screen opener is particularly bad because the chemistry becomes atomized and propelled through the air, susceptible to penetrating any soft tissue exposed, YIKES! Inhalation of the particulates is especially worrisome as it could be readily absorbed by the soft tissue of the eyes, nose, nasal passage, throat, & lungs. If you’ve ever worked in a shop heavily reliant on screen opener… you know the smell, the nasty taste from breathing it in, the irritation in your eyes, and the dizziness that then follows…

Ryonet is determined to put our money where our mouth is by mindfully revamping our product offering to be aligned with this new mission, Project 376, Our Choices Matter. Our goal is to help educate screen printers on the health benefits of kicking the cans of screen opener, while empowering with education on alternative products and processes that are less harmful.

In the case of Screen Opener, Ryonet will no longer be carrying or supplying it. It’ll be a loss to overall revenue, but we’d rather lose some $$$ than risk the health of our customers. We welcome other manufacturers and suppliers to join us on this journey and offer healthier screen printing supplies.

A Safer Alternative

An alternative product that will work great in place of cans of Screen Opener is to load a chemical safe Spray Bottle with Sgreen Supreme. A more traditional spray bottle is ideal because it doesn’t launch all the fine particulates into the air like that of an aerosol propellent. Set your Spray Bottle’s nozzle to “just larger than pinpoint” so as to maintain the power from the spray hitting a slightly wider area. Let the chemistry sit for 5-10 seconds in order for it to work it’s magic. In the case of a nasty locked in screen it might take up to a few minutes for the chemistry to be effective.

If you are in a situation with a bit of ink that has become partially gelled, your best approach is to use some elbow grease along with the Sgreen Supreme. Spray scrub, spray scrub, spray scrub. Repeat as needed. A little bit of elbow grease is worth it. In these situations, we are not trying to clean up the ink, rather destroying the chemical bonds between the ink molecules to dislodge the particulates. It will take elbow grease to do so, and it’s worth it for your health, you can thank us later.

Our choices as a manufacturer and supplier matter in our printers lives, big time. We will strive to offer the most effective screen printing products that are eco-friendly, and remain cost competitive.

Project 376 takes a holistic viewpoint to first Acknowledge the current state of screen printing, build Awareness of healthier means of production, Educate on the financial & health opportunities of change, with the goal of education to actually Improve the lives & work environments of printers, their customers, and effectively Empowering the printer. #empoweringprinters #ourchoicesmatter #project376


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