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It is officially the 1-year anniversary of the Ryonet Band Membership. Over the past year, we’ve learned a lot about the complexity of membership programs, specifically what is financially sustainable and what isn’t.  Below are the details on the new framework

NEW Ryonet Band Membership Framework:

  • FREE Band Membership to ALL Ryonet Customers who Sign Up, No Charge
  • 5% Rewards on Plus products for all Band Members
  • FREE Listing on the Printer Directory on sp.com
  • Exclusive Band Member seasonal promos for Screen Print Experience Educational classes
  • Exclusive Band Member seasonal promos on products
  • Earn points just by sharing, following or giving us a review  
  • Access to the Ryonet Band Members Facebook Group: A creative place for members to share, learn, and help each other.  
  • 12-months Points Accrual: More time for Band Members to save their points for that new piece of equipment or product needed.
  • New Lower Prices on over 3-thousand products for screen printers

*** If you are interested in learning the backstory on the changes, please keep on reading...

Here are some of our findings:

Key Finding #1: A trend emerged over the last year regarding excessive usage of free shipping on smaller orders.  It has taken these orders into the red, and it’s not sustainable for Ryonet to operate in negative margins.  We’re all business peeps here, if you take a chance on a new product or offering, it’s ok to walk it back, especially if the data shows it is unsustainable, just be sure to communicate it openly and honestly.  We wanted to gather a good bit of data before we made the decision, but free shipping on smaller orders is not sustainable for us, and in order to be able to serve our customers over the long-term, we have to make sure we are sustainable.  We appreciate your understanding.

Key Finding #2: As you likely have experienced in other aspects of your professional life, there is a cost shipping products from Point-A to Point-B.  Rather than adding the cost of shipping into each product, we have adopted a standard rate shipping model. This helps keep our prices competitive while setting realistic guidelines for customers to still get good rates on the products they need.

Standard Rate Shipping Model

  • $6.95 for any order up to < $50
  • $14.95 for any order up to < $199
  • Free Shipping for any order $200 or more

Key Finding #3: Not everyone likes to pay for a membership!  There are instances when a pay-to-play membership model can work, but it wasn’t as clear cut for Ryonet over the last year. In an effort to make it easier for ANYONE to be a Ryonet Band Member, we are making it FREE with just an easy signup.  Check out this link for more info. To Join FREE Click Here

    Key Finding #4: Pricing strategy is Tough work, for real.  Our goal is to have great pricing on the best products that a screen printer would need.  Instead of offering up special pricing for a small group, we are reducing the prices on over 3-thousand products for all of our customers, right out of the gate.  Our goal is to continue to work to provide the best products at a great cost and value to our customers.

    A little Background on the origins of the Ryonet Band Membership

    We all know the great bands that got their starts in a garage, but do you know who else got their start in a garage? If you guessed badass print shops, then you are right! Both born from humble beginnings, screen printers and bands have worked hand in hand from the beginning.  

    The founding members of Ryonet started as a band in a garage and they screen printed merch for their own gigs!  Music has always played an important role here at Ryonet, it’s in our DNA, and it’ll continue to ROQ the block stoppin beats in the Ryonet Band.

    If you have any questions, hit us up in chat on Screenprinting.com or don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Shoot us an email to success@ryonet.com and we will be happy to talk with you. Welcome to the Band!

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