Ryonet is Going Green

Here at Ryonet we have launched our Project 376 campaign. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. We are so committed to our vision for a better and more eco-conscious world we took it to heart. This year we ventured out on a quest to become Green-certified in Clark County Washington. The Clark County Green Business Program recognizes businesses for environmental excellence through onsite assistance and verification of green business practices. You see, we can’t ask you and everyone else in the screen print industry to do better and to be more eco-conscious if we ourselves weren’t striving to do the same.

The process has been illuminating and arduous. When we stepped into it, we knew we needed to be better, so we began small. Food and waste sorts are available in any municipality. They are a great way of telling us how well we sort our standard garbage. Ours told us a lot about how we needed to educate our team members about what is waste and what is not. But, it’s not just about what we do as people but what do as a company as well. We had to modify our practices in our facility by changing our lights to LED, faucets to lo-flow, and making sure we all understand the importance of improving every day. Now, being certified green in our county isn’t just about garbage and water usage. We as a company are committed to our community and that commitment is taken into account as well. Our work to improve ourselves and our community also play a huge role. We work with our local food bank and local ARC to support fundraising efforts and feeding 200+ families every Thanksgiving. We work with local schools to support the trades and educate our youth.

We don’t do this to get accolades or say how great we are, we do this because we believe in our core value of Serve. We believe in our community, ourselves and you. Because of this, we work every day to be better and as a result we have successfully been certified by the Clark County Green Business Program. We encourage you to do the same. Together we can make this world a safer and better place to live and do business.

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