If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering where time has gone?!!!? How is it already Labor Day weekend, right… well, as crazy as it may seem, we’re about to bid summertime farewell. Que Labor Day… a day to celebrate hard work, dedication and you guessed it: labor. Screen printers know a thing or two about all of that!!!

This Labor Day weekend the Ryonet team wants to bring your attention to what has surely become our labor of love: raising support for our team member Mike Scoggins and his family.

Mike is a Ryonet team member you actually “know” quite well. Mike started out working in the Shipping department of our Washington warehouse, so he shipped many of you your equipment and supplies. After transitioning over to our Marketing team, Mike played a direct roll in much of the Ryonet content you are familiar with: newsletters and emails you receive from us, printed materials such as catalogs, manuals etc. and the ongoing development, updates and improvements of our website. This short list just skims the surface of his wide-reaching contributions.

Mike was injured in a motorcycle crash on August 24th. What we currently know is that, as a result of his injuries, Mike will require long-term care. We are working to raise money to go toward the medical expenses and extended care to lessen the financial burden and provide some level of relief in this troubling time. As Ryonet customers, you are part of our screen printing family and we want to ask that you join us and extend your support as you are able. We’ve set up an online donation campaign through Indiegogo, an established website for just such causes. Learn more and make donations here: http://igg.me/at/mike-scoggins.

If you’re local to the Portland/Vancouver area, we’re also hosting a 5k run/walk benefit for Mike. Join us for that on September 8th. Read more about that here

On a screen printing note, this year’s Labor Day Sale has the following deals up for grabs:

  • AccuRIP and RIP Combos are $100 off
  • Riley Hopkins presses will all come with additional aluminum platens
  • BBC dryers (both flash and conveyor) are 10% off at checkout 
  • All Rite Film is 25% off at checkout

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