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June Ryonet Plus Member Feature:

Apex Custom Designs
Founded: September 2012
# of Employees: 3
Type of Press: Riley Hopkins Win
Specializing in: Local schools and sports teams

Contact Info:
Address: 11601 Kings Road, Meeker, OK 74855
Phone: (405) 275-9798
Email: janice@apexcustomdesigns.net

What brought you to Ryonet?

We were looking for a screen printing press. We had no experience or knowledge of screen printing. I was searching the Internet and found Ryonet. We watched the videos and read everything on the website. After my first call to them, it was obvious they cared about our success. They have been nothing but supportive and patient with me every time I’ve called for supplies or had a question.

What responsibilities do your team-members hold?

We are cross-trained in all areas of our business; screen printing, direct to garment printing, heat press vinyl, and embroidery. I do most of the ordering of apparel and supplies but we all participate in the day-to-day dealings with customers and suppliers.

What is something exciting that you’ve recently done in your shop?

It’s hard to pin-point one particular thing. We’ve wrapped up the little league season at this moment and are working on t-shirts for the end-of-school activities. Our town hosts an annual “Pecan Festival” and we’ve been given the t-shirt contract for the 5k run. That’s been very fun; challenging our creativity, and knowing we can produce the quality they are expecting from us. It’s very exciting seeing people wearing the garments we produced.

What is the next step in your business’s growth/expansion/exploration?

Screen printing has become the most important part of our business. We would like to expand our screen printing area by adding another press, which would include hiring more employees. I see this happening in the near future.

What is your favorite Ryonet Product?

Impossible to answer! Being new to the business, it has amazed me how much thought has gone into all the products to make their use more convenient and efficient. Every product we use in screen printing has come from Ryonet. I wouldn’t even think of buying from any other company.

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