The not so distant future: the holiday madness is over and, like a rockstar, you managed to bust out all your print deadlines. You’ve feasted like kings and queens. You spent enough money to clothe a small village. So what now? How about strategizing and planning out the new year for your shop.  Have you considered shop cleanliness and organization?  Did you know that maintaining a clean and well organized shop can actually save you money?!!? That’s right, not only will your shop be aesthetically pleasing to you and your customers (more and more screen printers are allowing their customers to see their production process), but it can actually directly affect your bottom line. For example, keeping all of your screen printing tools such as squeegees, ink scoops, and Crazy Clean wipes organized and in a designated place means you’re spending less time trying to locate them when you need them. Time is money. Make sure your ink mixing and ink storage space is organized and clean to prevent ink colors from getting contaminated. You don’t want a customer ending up with a different shade of ink on their reprint order. Label your custom mixed inks so you can grab them on the go. Proper screen storage is essential. Clean, label and store your screens with a system that makes it easy to identify a particular customer’s screen(s) quickly. How many times have you wandered all over your shop like a lost puppy searching for a screen? Again, time is money. How about cleanliness? If you’re shop is dirty then you run the risk of getting ink and dirt all over that fresh stack of blank tees. Replacing apparel is costly and time-consuming.

When you take the time to ensure your shop’s organization and cleanliness you do yourself several heaps of favors… efficiency goes a long way toward the immediate success of your shop and paves the way for long term success. offers all the tools and equipment you need to maintain a clean and organized shop. Consider us your organizing and tidy-it-up partners. Seriously. We’re up for the challenge and happy to help!!!

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