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Okay. You’re convinced. Water based ink is softer and easier to print with and allows for more eco-friendly cleanup and habits. Not to mention the varied printing possibilities newer HSA water based inks provide printers for learning the procedure of how to sell water based prints.

Now, how do you go about selling water based printing to your customers?

Selling water based prints is all about nailing the proposal. Once you know how to position the benefits of water based over plastisol, you’ll have a clear competitive advantage over other shops.

Here’s how to sell water based prints to your customers:

Show how your work stacks up against the competition.

Keep samples of all your best work. Anytime you win a bid for work over someone else, ask your customer for a version of the shirt you didn’t print or that was printed with plastisol. A physical side-by-side example of how well your shirt feels and looks compared to the competition will put you light years ahead in learning how to sell water based prints.

Sell the shirt and the ink for an increased profit margin.

Remember, you’re not just selling the shirt, you’re selling the ink too – so it’s important that you offer it as a packaged solution. If you are able to sell a better quality shirt along with a better quality print, you’ll exponentially increase your profit margin.

Capitalise on your green footprint.

Show pictures of your shop (your clean shop). Explain how you can wipe up your ink with water, instead of chemicals. Tell your customer all about how the ink you use is PVC and phthalate free, CPSIA approved for children’s wear, and the same type of ink brands like Nike and Adidas use to get their high-quality prints. See how it impacts their decision to make you their shop of choice.

If you can prove to the customer it is better, then don’t be afraid to get paid for it. Printing with water based inks can be more difficult in some cases. They are, however, the more earth-friendly and consumer friendly way to go. Having samples available of both water based and plastisol prints will help you make your case for water based ink with your customer. Let them feel the difference in the design and the garment. Let them see that not only are you a good printer, but a smart one and one that is looking out for the environment. Your quality and values will speak for themselves. This will let you charge for that premium print at a premium price.

Just dipping your toes into the realm of water based printing? Perhaps you’re looking for more information on its pros and cons? Unique benefits and limitations? Requirements and rewards?….Or maybe simply, how to print with water based ink?

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How To Print With Water Based Ink


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