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Spin to Win Officially Spun and Won!

Spin to Win Officially Spun and Won!

Thank you for making this crazy-fun contest crazy-fun to host, screen printers! You seriously ROQ’d it and it was a total blast to share the experience with you! 

There’s simply no way this event would have meant anything without you and your commitment to being on the forefront of the industry. Being an outlier requires bold ambition and bold integrity. We recognize and celebrate that as your strength and we look forward to witnessing you continue to kickass in 2020 and beyond! #PressOnward

Spin to Win Winners:

Piney Woods Productions – Sgreen Filtration

Aloha Ke Akua Clothing Co. – Printavo

Pixel Designs – Lotus Holland Developer

Michael West – X-Vactor LED

Woodward Movement – Riley JR Press

Peasley Ink – Sgreen Chemical Kit

Sea Level Silks – $1000 Allmade shirts


There were many winners, but your participation and faith in us make us the ultimate winners. It’s our privilege to serve your mission and we’re honored to share your unique journey and help carry the torch whenever you need us. When you have a free minute, drop us a line and/or use the #WhatIsYourMission hashtag on social to let us know what inspires you so we can calibrate our compass to your desired destination.

In case you missed it, here’s the live feed of Ryan emceeing while MMA Superstar Tito Ortiz spun the ROQ YOU Press that Karen of Bag Wear won! 

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