We’ve been hinting at something BIG for a while… well, the teasing is over and so is the wait. Now that you’re on the edge of your seat, here’s what we’ve been holding our breath about: Let’s talk about the Ryonet and ROQ that gives us the screen printing sweetness.

The Ryonet team is excited to bring ROQ to the US and introduce the You, Eco and Oval automatic screen printing presses to the market. We unveiled this awesomeness at the ISS Ft. Worth trade show and it’s official on the website NOW… Did we mention that we’re EXCITED?!!!? 

A bit’0 history about sRoque:

sRoque is the world’s second largest manufacturer of automated screen printing presses-they have been manufacturing quality screen printing equipment for over 25 years! Thousands of printers around the world (Brazil, Europe, Africa and Asia) have experienced the quality performance of an sRoque automatic.

Check out the entire ROQ product line here.

We’re confident that you’ll be head over heals about all things ROQ… the quality, design and worldwide work history of each press speaks for itself and once you see it, you’ll be in love. The only question is, are you ready to ROQ?


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