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AccuRIP has been the leading halftone printing RIP software in the market for over ten years now with an affordable platform, easy workflow, all black ink capability, and superior results. Though Traditionally AccuRIP has only worked with Epson printers AccuRIP Ruby allows you to expand outside the world of Epson to work with a new Canon platform.

We’ve found the Canon platform to be reliable, fast and have great quality, it also offers a new flexible all black ink systems that can save you money.

Here are some of the pros.

1. The Canon does NOT shut down IF a single ink tank runs out. This keeps you printing

2. Canon does not require a chip resetter, the print is the resetter. The refillable ink cartridges we sell are reset by the printer itself!

3. Canon has a unique bubble jet Removable print head!!! This is a Game changer and means you don’t have to buy new printer because the print head took on a severe clog. With Canon you can pop out the print head, bathe it in Amaze-INK to clean it. It can even be replaced!

4. Canon builds printer to LAST. yes it weighs in more at (50lbs) but it well built and smooth operating are worth it.

5. Print yield, is far superior. We are printing approx. 150 “more pages” from a single fill up of ink. Based on small logo test. This saves you money.

6. Quality of print. At a true 1200x1200 dpi print mode the Canon print quality is amazing.

7. Powered by accurip ruby Supports true All Black ink printing.

8. The D max Refillable tanks can be managed while still in the printer or out. Leaving them in the printer further reduces downtime. (and reduces the chance of damaging the cartridge by accidentally dropping it)

9. Using Ink bottles to refill generally means they will have a backup supply of ink on hand.

10. Much more Earth friendly solution. Our new refillable system is more than 70% greener for the Earth. Far less, plastic involved from the reduced 2 part frame and tank system to a single refillable/reusable cartridge to the complete removal of the chip resetter, circuit board and battery.

The Canon solution is powered by AccuRIP Ruby and enables All Black Printing. The system works by licensing the Accurip software to enable the advanced features of the Canon printer. With the purchase you get 1 year of the license for free. This license is extended via a code system as long as you are purchasing AccuRIP approved ink, if you decide to purchase your own ink you can pay a nominal license fee and do so.

I’m simply blown away on how easy this printer was to use, how fast it prints, and how heavy duty it was. Get your hands on one at and be sure to subscribe and out the next video on how to setup, refill, and maintain the printer.

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