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This is a great time to reflect on our local & global impact on the environment, because our choices matter. As a business owner it’s also a great time to commit to taking a localized approach & pledge specific actions to better serve our customers and communities.

What is needed now is a means of bringing together all the different ideas and promoting a new path forward, together. That’s where the idea for Project 376 came from.

Project 376 is coming | Ryonet + Allmade + You

In alignment with Ryonet’s upcoming “Project 376”, Allmade and Ryonet are committed to the following. Adhering to a holistic viewpoint, Acknowledging the current state of screen printing, building Awareness of healthier means of production, Educating on the financial & health opportunities of change, with the goal of education to actually Improve the lives & work environments of printers, their customers, and effectively Empowering the printer. #ourchoicesmatter #project376

Objectively speaking

The objective is to create awareness via traditional and non-traditional PR channels that our choices matter. Our choices in production methods, darkroom supplies, inks, to the actual shirt we are recommending to print on. This is where Allmade comes in, as our customers now have a premium, super comfy eco friendly garment choice for their promotional shirts.

The PR Strategy for Earth Day is to provide printers the necessary components to engage local News, with a PR opportunity emphasizing local pledges that have global impact. We are providing a digital collateral kit for printers that want to make positive Financial and Health impacts for themselves, their customers, and their environment.

This consists of a poster/film print that can be customer or internal facing for shops keen to focus on key categories for improvement. We encourage you to print out the posters, and take pics of your pledges on the wall, for your social media use. We will be reposting and sharing everyone we can on Ryonet & Allmade social media channels.

We are challenging printers to commit to Project 376, print and hang their posters on the shop wall, and start taking action on a local level that will have a global impact. Next we are providing some assets and instructions to engage traditional and non-traditional media outlets.

Media List:

Traditional Media

Newspapers by state

Local journalists

Non-Traditional Media

Facebook: Go to groups - Search for your city name & relevant groups

Twitter: Search for your city name - near current location - Look at “Top Posts” for influential accounts in your area.

Email Template

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