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Top 3 Customer Screen Printing Complaints and How to Handle Them

Jacelyn Wedman
From ordering and printing to packaging and shipping, things can go wrong in many areas. If you have unhappy customers blowing up your email or your DMs, it’s always best to kill them with kindness. A screen printing expert and a few former screen printers share how to handle the three most common issues customers may bring back to you. 

Saving the Customer From Themselves

Marshall Atkinson

An important aspect of the sales process involves educating the customer, and sometimes this can include the sensitive topic of personal taste involving the artwork. There are times when a client brings in artwork that you know as an experienced printer is just not going to look very good. Whether it’s the design itself or […]

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Print Shop Highlight: Kolor Splash

Ryonet Marketing

Near and dear our hearts is the work of our customers… from time to time we hear from some of you, and sometimes you’re telling us “Thank You”. Here’s the thing, it’s truly our pleasure. We love to share the awesomeness that is screen printing! We celebrate your victories right along with you and want to help trouble shoot your challenges. Every screen printer has a unique story to tell and we think that’s pretty cool. We received a letter recently from Eric Sanchez and wanted to tell you about his story. Eric got started in screen printing as a part time sales rep. Things have changed a lot in the last eight years—he and his wife, Maria, now run their own screen printing company called Kolor Splash. We asked Eric to share a little bit about his journey—How he started, what inspired him, what it means to have his own company, what it’s like working as a husband/wife team etc.