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  • baselayr x1620 led exposure unit
    May 28, 2021 Jacelyn Wedman

    How the Baselayr X1620 Exposure Unit Will Elevate Your Darkroom

    Do you want to experience faster exposure times? Do you wish your stencils were more durable? Are you having trouble capturing details? You’re going to want to take a look at the Baselayr X1620 LED Exposure Unit: a new, improved unit for entry level printers. This exposure unit has new technology that will improve production. What’s so special about this exposure unit? Let’s find out.
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  • What Baselayr Plastisol Emulsion Does for Your Shop
    May 12, 2021 Jacelyn Wedman

    What Baselayr Plastisol Emulsion Does for Your Shop

    Many printers exclusively use plastisol ink. If this sounds like you, check out Baselayr Plastisol emulsion. The high performance emulsion will streamline production by exposing faster, rinsing out quicker, and reclaiming with less effort. Want to get the most from this emulsion? Expert Colin Huggins walks through proper exposure methods and coating techniques to elevate your dark room.
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  • a close up of a star design burned in emulsion
    May 3, 2021 Sage Larson

    What is the Purpose of Emulsion Hardener?

    Ever had a stencil break down during production? It sucks. Unless you have backup screens ready, production will come to a halt. Your time is valuable. For jobs that need tougher screens, use emulsion hardener to save you time and money.
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  • person cleaning a screen in a washout booth
    April 26, 2021 Sage Larson

    Everything You Need To Know About Emulsion Prep

    Emulsion Prep… Is it necessary to use? As much as you love spending time cleaning screens, Emulsion Prep is an extra step that can be a game changer. Let’s take a look at what Emulsion Prep is, when to use it, and how to use it.
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  • A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Baselayr Long Lasting Emulsion
    April 23, 2021 Jacelyn Wedman

    A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Baselayr Long Lasting Emulsion

    So you’ve just gotten your hands on Baselayr Long Lasting Emulsion. It’s perfect for printers who are just starting out, or for those who don’t have a perfect darkroom yet. Now that you have it, how should you use it? How do you get the best out of the emulsion? Screen printing expert Colin Huggins shows you how to mix the diazo into the emulsion, how to coat screens, how to expose, and more.
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  • pouring baselayr plastisol in a scoop coater
    April 19, 2021 Sage Larson

    The Emulsion for Plastisol-Only Printers

    You demand excellence in every aspect of your business. Every detail matters, and that includes the quality of your equipment and supplies. Plastisol screen printers, it’s time for you to meet Baselayr Plastisol Emulsion.
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  • pink emulsion in container of baselayr long lasting
    April 12, 2021 Sage Larson

    Baselayr Long Lasting: The Emulsion for New Printers

    New screen printers. Darkroom novices. Riley Hopkins 150 Press users. DIY printers. We're talking to you. Say hello to Baselayr Long Lasting Emulsion, a high performance, high solids emulsion. It'll produce high-quality screens for printers who are still honing their darkroom processes.
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  • Everything You Need to Know about Making a Darkroom in a Closet, Bathroom, and Garage
    April 7, 2021 Jacelyn Wedman

    Everything You Need to Know about Making a Darkroom in a Closet, Bathroom, and Garage

    To get the best screen possible, you need the best darkroom setup. If your print shop is in your home, you might have to get creative with your darkroom. Setting up an effective darkroom can be challenging, but Darkroom expert Colin Huggins has you covered. In this post, he shares tips and nuances for constructing home darkrooms in a closet, a bathroom, and a garage.
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  • baselayr complete emulsion being poured into a scoop coater
    April 5, 2021 Sage Larson

    The Lowdown Between Baselayr Complete and Cryocoat

    Baselayr Complete and Cryocoat. They sound similar. They look alike. They seem to match in performance. Are they the same? Are they different? Why should you use Baselayr Complete? All your questions and more are answered in this post.
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  • the three different baselayr emulsions
    March 31, 2021 Sage Larson

    Which Baselayr Emulsion is Right for Me?

    Are you looking at the new Baselayr emulsion line and wondering which you should use? Screen printing genius Colin Huggins shares how to pick the right Baselayr emulsion. He'll help you pinpoint it by looking at inks, darkroom setup, skill level, and more.
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  • person holding a screen that says elevate your darkroom in a washout booth
    March 29, 2021 Sage Larson

    What is Baselayr?

    Baselayr is a brand that provides high-quality supplies and equipment needed in the darkroom. 

    The darkroom creates the foundation for screen printing. You need to LAY down a good BASE of emulsion that's been correctly exposed to build a solid print. The most notable feature of the line is the series of emulsions.

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  • jonathan inserting a screen into the drying cabinet
    February 8, 2021 Sage Larson

    What a Screen Drying Cabinet Does for Your Darkroom

    To create a stellar print, you need a solid screen. Using high quality emulsion and dialing in exposure times help, but it's a fraction of what's needed. Your darkroom matters. Jonathan Overmyer from Golden Press Studio shares tips on how to create an ideal darkroom. He also shares a personal story of an area where he struggles in his shop — keeping dust, lint, and fibers off his screens while they're drying. Luckily, Jonathan has found a piece of equipment that has tremendously reduced the amount of particles on screens that also speeds up production.
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