Should You Go Auto or Hire Another Printer?  |

Should You Go Auto or Hire Another Printer?

Jacelyn Wedman

Boxes of shirts are stacked from the floor to the ceiling. You’re covered with pallet adhesive and ink. Your wrists ache with pain, your legs are numb, fingers are stiff. You pause, staring at the 716th shirt you printed that day. You stare at the stack of t-shirts behind the press, printing 1,500 to be exact. The clock reads 11:17 PM. This order is due tomorrow. You look down and sigh, staring at your cracked, callous hands. This is the 12th time you’ve had to work late to finish a high-volume order this month. You can’t take it anymore. Something has got to change.

So, you, the printer, have two options. Hire another printer or go auto. But which should you do? Let’s explore these options so you can decide which is best for your growing shop.

What is Minimum Order Quantity and Why Does it Matter?  |

What is Minimum Order Quantity and Why Does it Matter?

Jacelyn Wedman
Every printer wants to make money. You don’t want to lose profit on a job, but don’t want to turn potential customers away. So what do you do? Set a minimum order quantity. A minimum order quantity will ensure that you are putting in the effort that isn’t going to waste. It also can help weed out customers who aren’t committed to quality like you are. Get your calculators out; this is going to take a bit of math. Don’t worry though. Here’s everything you need to find your minimum order quantity for every job.
Establishing a Brand: What is Brand Identity?  |

Establishing a Brand: What is Brand Identity?

Sage Larson
You want your new business to be successful right out the gate. Looking professional, knowledgable, and polished will significantly help. To achieve a highly credible look, you need to create a stellar brand. Throwing a logo together and picking a random name won't cut it. Building a great brand requires lots of brainstorming, planning, and creating. This isn't a light topic, so we'll dig deeper on a specific aspect of building a brand each week. For now, let's look into brand identity, finding your niche, and what to research.

6 Basic Rules To Get More Screen Printing Customers

Ryan Cole

1. Focus on Exceptional Customer Service This may be the most important rule of business. We’ve all had crappy experiences with vendors. There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re putting somebody out by giving them your hard earned money. Think of the way you like to be treated, when you buy something. Show your […]