person pointing to blends on a print

How to Screen Print Wet on Wet Halftones and Color Blends for a Vintage Look

Sage Larson
Remember when expert Colin Huggins showed how to create halftones and blends in Adobe Illustrator? Now he's printing that design. Watch to learn how to print wet-on-wet halftones and blends, tips to get the best colors and blends, and how shirt colors affect the look of the print.

To Rip or Not To Rip

Kaitlyn Ingram

How to know when your design should go into a RIP program… Maybe the first question that comes to your mind is, “What’s a RIP?” Most screen print designs are one or two colors, or spot color. In other words, they are created without shading or tonality. A large flat area of one color printed […]

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