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3 Ways to Make Your Screen Print Shop Stand Out

Jacelyn Wedman
Every screen print shop wants to stand out. Whether that’s printing in a niche aspect of the trade, having excellent branding, or something else, you have to make your shop stand out above the noise. But how do you achieve that? There are plenty of ways to make your mark. Here are three tips to make your shop stand out.
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How to Make a Custom Print Shop Logo

Sage Larson
When launching a new business, one of important tasks you need to tackle is creating a logo. If you don't have a graphic design background, making a logo can be daunting. Luckily, a fellow graphic designer has made your life a little easier. Cory Romeiser of Golden Press Studio walks you through how you can make your own unique logo by using elements from the Screen Printers Branding Starter Pack.
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How to Establish a Brand

Sage Larson
Side hustles are becoming more common as people decide the traditional nine-to-five doesn’t cut it any longer. Needing to diversify their sources of income, many have turned to starting up a screen printing side business. Whether you want to print for others or start your own clothing line, launching the new business will require more work than investing in the supplies and equipment. You'll need to develop a brand that stands out from the crowd, cuts through the noise, and speaks to your future customers. Learn how to establish a strong, unique, intriguing brand by delving into the depths of brand identity, brand voice, logos, and visual elements.
Establishing a Brand: Creating a Logo  | Screenprinting.com

Establishing a Brand: Creating a Logo

Sage Larson
Once you've researched your audience and competition and developed a brand voice, it's time to create the logo. Making a unique, eye-grabbing, and symbolic logo is arguably one of the most challenging tasks when establishing a brand. As in any screen printing process, you can go about creating a logo in many different ways. Ryonet's Creative Director Ryan Moore, a former screen printer, shared insights to his creative process of making a logo from scratch.