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How to Get the Best Fountain Prints

Jacelyn Wedman
Fountain prints are a great way to get a little creative with your inks. You can make a personalized, unique design without using multiple screens. The great thing about fountain printing is that no two shirts are the same, but if your process is dialed in, fountain prints can be repeated for print runs or just done for one shirt. How do you make these prints really stand out? In the video, print enthusiast Josh Wells shows you how it’s done.
Printing with Plastisol vs. Water Based Ink  |

Printing with Plastisol vs. Water Based Ink

Jacelyn Wedman
Screen printers debate which is better: plastisol or water-based ink. Some printers start out with plastisol ink, while others opt to jump right into water-based printing. But how are they different? Why would you use one over the other? Ink master Colin Huggins lays out the differences and nuances to printing each type of ink. You’ll be able to decide which ink is best for your shop.

Using Low Cure To Print Plastisol On Athletic Wear

Emily Rogers

One of the biggest demands in the printing industry is athletic printing. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when printing on a polyester fabric using low cure. 1. Dye migration: This happens when a polyester fabric hits a certain temperature, usually between 300˚ and 310˚. At this temperature, the dye in […]

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