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  • person smearing white plastisol ink on a screen
    February 5, 2021 Sage Larson

    Everything You Need to Know About Printing with Plastisol Ink

    New screen printers should start printing with plastisol ink. It's more forgiving than water-based ink and it's much easier to achieve proper cure. Even though printing plastisol is more straightforward, there are many techniques to print the ink for various processes. We've created a collection of videos and blogs that explain how to print with plastisol ink in different situations.
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  • pulling transfer paper off of print on a shirt
    November 25, 2020 Sage Larson

    How to Make Plastisol Heat Transfers

    Screen printing heat transfers can seem daunting but in reality, it’s fairly simple. If made properly, plastisol heat transfers can last almost as long as a screen prints and can be much easier to apply in certain scenarios like decorating hats, neck labels, names for sport apparel, and more. 

    Let's walk through the basic components and process of screen printing your own heat transfers.

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