Automated Pre-press Production Workflows

Kaitlyn Ingram

Pre-press production workflows have benefited greatly from various advancements in technology and automation.  As an example of this, let’s talk about the automated workflow possible with the Saati ProCoat Dual Auto Coater and the Douthitt CTS30 wax printer. In the video below, you can see how we take you through the current darkroom set up […]

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Best Screen Printing Pre-Press Practices

Ryonet Marketing

Screen printing: One of the greatest businesses ever… or at least we think so. It’s a lot of fun working in this trade, from printing cool logos and designs and adding neat effects like foil or high density to creating a clothing line or just making a little money. We can’t speak for everyone, but there is nothing like standing over a freshly printed shirt after many man hours and being awed by the finished product. All that hard work was worth it. Every minute.

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