What is Screen Printing?

What is Screen Printing?

Jacelyn Wedman
We’re all familiar with the process of screen printing. From startups to fully automatic shops, the screen printing industry is diverse and filled with community and competition. But at its core, what is screen printing? How did we get here? In this blog, we’ll look at that history and talk about the future for screen printing. 
a print that says camp five times and it has sunset colors on the text

How to Print T-Shirts

Sage Larson
Ready to make your own apparel, but not sure where to start? Sounds like you need a guide on how to print t-shirts. In this 10-step guide, you'll learn about every process: making the artwork, preparing screens, printing, curing, and cleaning. Learn how to print t-shirts today, and start printing tomorrow.
Riley Hopkins Forced Air Flash Dryer with smoke in the background

Don't be Scared to Print with Water-Based Inks. Be Prepared.

Sage Larson
Printing with water-based ink is a whole new ball game compared to plastisol ink. One of the challenges of water-based inks is achieving proper cure. With water-based inks, the water needs to evaporate before the pigment can cure. Having equipment with forced air is the most efficient way to cure water-based inks. Not every printer can get his or her hands on a forced air conveyor dryer, but investing in a forced air flash dryer is more feasible. 
headshot of a printer in a shop

How Golden Press Studio Powered the Print within the Screen Printing Community

Sage Larson

When screen printer Jonathan Overmyer was scrolling through posts on the Rogue Printers Facebook Group one night, a post stopped him in his tracks. A new printer in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a few hours away from his shop, was washing out screens in a car wash. 

That night, Jonathan decided he wanted to change that printer's life.

person pointing to blends on a print

How to Screen Print Wet on Wet Halftones and Color Blends for a Vintage Look

Sage Larson
Remember when expert Colin Huggins showed how to create halftones and blends in Adobe Illustrator? Now he's printing that design. Watch to learn how to print wet-on-wet halftones and blends, tips to get the best colors and blends, and how shirt colors affect the look of the print.

Tips For Mixing Custom Inks Without A Pantone System

Alex Castrillo

 Custom Colors When customers ask for custom colors, most screen printers head to the lab to try their hand at mixing custom inks without a Pantone system, using some concoction derived from various inks they have in stock. Yes, you can get a mixing system that has particular Pantone® formulas for both plastisol and water […]

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