When To Use Discharge Ink (And When Not To)  | Screenprinting.com

When To Use Discharge Ink (And When Not To)

Sage Larson
Printing with discharge ink is a fantastic way to create a vibrant print that's unbelievably soft. Discharge printing isn't for everyone though. Let's discover what is discharge, how it works, what's need for it, garment selection, and when and when not to use it.
How to Screen Print Wet on Wet Halftones and Color Blends for a Vintage Look  | Screenprinting.com

How to Screen Print Wet on Wet Halftones and Color Blends for a Vintage Look

Sage Larson
Remember when expert Colin Huggins showed how to create halftones and blends in Adobe Illustrator? Now he's printing that design. Watch to learn how to print wet-on-wet halftones and blends, tips to get the best colors and blends, and how shirt colors affect the look of the print.

Introduction to Art Terms

Ryonet Marketing

Where to start: If you are new to the art and design world or maybe you are just self taught, art terms can be pretty confusing. We thought we would help you out a bit and break it down. Here are four super common art terms that you are going to hear a lot about. […]

Vocabulary Lesson: T-Shirt Edition

Guest Writer

[Guest Post from Bella+Canvas. Check out their blog for more great garment-focused articles!] A t-shirt is a t-shirt, right? Not quite. When selecting a blank garment to print on, we are faced with a barrage of options: Ring-spun versus open-end, side-seamed versus tubular, 20 single versus 30 single, 4.2oz versus 5.3oz — what does it […]

Can The ROQ Do One Stroke Plastisol Printing?

Mark Berryman

It has come to my attention that there are rumors about the ROQ being incapable of printing with one stroke for each color. It’s a preposterous assumption that such a high-end machine does not perform adequately for plastisol inks. The ROQ press is designed as well if not better than any machine that I have […]

How Finding Your Niche Will Increase Your Business x10

Ryan Moor

“Niche or be niched.” –Unknown Maybe you’ve heard that quote before, maybe not, but it’s truer in screen printing than in anything else. Screen printing is a very competitive business. If you think you just can go buy a bunch of equipment, hang a sign on your door that says “open for screen printing” (or […]